Three full weeks of staying at home and there’s no end in sight.

Sports has ceased to exist for the time being and it’s been rough on everyone. Watching sports for betting purposes is one thing, but for most it’s an escape. It’s watching the best athletes in the world competing at the highest level, allowing us just a glimpse of what it means to be extraordinary at something physical.

So, no, there’s no sports to bet on, but I’m still betting.

I may not be rolling in profits, but putting in “study time” to pick and choose what I want to put my money on has been therapeutic. It’s keeping my brain active during a time when everyone feels all there is left to do is watch Netflix and chill.

I’ll admit I don’t like to read and I get tired of watching television. I like numbers. I like puzzles. I like feeling that I can figure something out and sports betting is a huge part of that. I’ve always said that I love the study behind sports betting. If I can make a few bucks off that study, cool, but it’s finding the reasons to pick a side and seeing that research pay dividends that really gets me.

That’s why I’m continuing to bet now. With no sports being played, I’m still studying and putting money on what I study.

What to Look For

If you are like me and use numbers, stats and data as a means to figure things out, then maintain that strategy during these times. If you’ve been following my recent bets, you’ll notice that I’ve been focusing on things I can find supporting data for and avoiding things that are more opinion-based or subjective.

Some bets I’ve made recently:

Number of times @realDonaldTrump tweets “Chinese virus”
Number of times @realDonaldTrump tweets “coronavirus”
Trojan condom stock price total visits for March

These are all things you can find data on to support your claim. It’s unconventional research compared to what I am used to – I can’t go to and find any of this – but I can review every single one of Trump’s tweets from the month and break down his tendencies. I can watch his press conferences and study common word usage that could translate to text.

I can get a stock market summary from Yahoo Finance by looking at their calendars and filtering through their one-day, five-day, one-month and six-month options. From there, I can view the low and high points of the stock and through additional research from news articles determine the best possibility of where the total will land for a given time.

I was pleasantly surprised by Pornhub and the insane amount of data they provide on their daily, monthly and yearly traffic. And they don’t just spew out data, they provide charts and graphs, and a breakdown of country by country, state by state, traffic pre-outbreak, traffic during the outbreak, keyword searches – I mean, they give you more data than most sports. It was pretty entertaining to study, to say the least.

Betting options are being added daily and change often enough that you can hold off until you find something you like.

What to Avoid

Marbles. I have zero clue how to study a marbles race. I Googled. I tried. I pass. There are some things worth taking for entertainment value but some things are better left untouched. My point: stick to things you already have at least a general idea about.

Sport sims have become all the rage and maybe for you that works. I have never played a sports video game. Let me say, I went from a Nintendo NES (yes, the original) and just bought a Nintendo Switch. Nothing in between. So, for me, betting on sport sims is not smart.

Avoid forcing a bet. I really wanted to provide something on the World Car Awards. Some betting options are odds to win design of the year, car of the year, and world performance car. I did my research. I looked at previous winners, how the judging takes place, who the judges are, the criteria that are used, and the specs of each model that was nominated. It was simply too subjective for me to give a best-educated guess. Although I could find information, it wasn’t enough for me to feel comfortable putting money down.

Stick to What You Know

There were a few bets I took that were more opinion-based than data-based. However, they were topics I am familiar with. Some opinion-based bets I took:

Ozark Season 3 props: Will Wendy Byrde die?
Ozark Season 3 props: Will the casino get shut down?

Ozark is my favorite show. I live it. I love it. When I saw props were available, I went to work. I watched the Season 2 finale again to refresh my memory, Googled articles to find previews from the cast, and read blogs on predictions. I took what I already knew, applied some new information and came up with two props I felt comfortable betting.

Other shows you can bet on include The Masked Singer, Survivor and American Idol. I have never seen even a second of any of these so I will not be putting money on them. No amount of research can keep me interested. Maybe you love these, though, and perhaps they would be good for you to take a gander at.

These are just some tips to help you get through these betting downtimes. What works for me may not work for you but maybe this will give you ideas on what to look for when scrolling through some of the betting options.

If I find stuff I like, that I can find data on, or that I feel I have enough knowledge about, then I’ll continue to bet. If not, I’ll wait. It’s that simple.

Besides, stuff like this typically has a betting limit so you’re not going to risk too much. But you’ll still be able to exercise your brain and potentially make some extra pocket change for a night of takeout.

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