Beastcoast Slight Favorite to Win OGA DPC SA

Much like in other Dota 2 competitive regions, the pro circuit continues in South America with eight of the region’s best teams set to battle it out from April 14. As is the standard, teams are competing for $205,000, pro circuit points and spots at the next Dota 2 major.

South America is considered to be a minor region, meaning that there are only two major spots up for grabs. This means the competition will once again have much more of a focus on the top end, as teams will be striving to reach the major.

Before we take a closer look at the event, check out our in-depth Dota 2 betting guide, and let’s get into the juicy details.

Who’s Playing at OGA DPC South America Season 2?

We’re set to see eight of the hottest South American sides battle it out at OGA DPC. The focus is definitely on the region’s two favorites, beastcoast and Thunder Predator, although we’ll also see SG esports, NoPing esports, Team Unknown and Infamous return from season 1 of the event, while Infinity Esports and Hokori are the two new faces in the league.

The whole event will take place over six weeks, with teams battling it out in a round-robin format. This means each team will face every other team once in a best-of-three series, and the team with the most wins after six weeks wins the league. Any ties are decided by a single tiebreaker match.

Odds to Win OGA DPC South America Season 2
Team Odds
beastcoast +125
Thunder Predator +150
SG esports +700
NoPing esports +1000
Infamous +1400
Team Unknown +2500
Infinity Esports +4000
Hokori +5000

Odds as of April 12 at Sportsbook

Beastcoast Looks to Repeat Season 1 Success

South America is a region comprised of two key favorites and a selection of promising underdogs. The biggest favorite for this season is beastcoast, the team that claimed the league trophy in season 1 after a very impressive 6-1 run.

With a great mix of individual skill and experience, they are definitely the ones to watch at this event, and we’re very likely to see them claim another top spot. They lost just two matches in season 1, a 2-0 slip-up against NoPing esports, but otherwise dominated the competition.

Unfortunately, due to a COVID-19 scare, we didn’t get to see them perform at the Singapore Major, making it tough to judge their form coming into season 2. But they did win 2-0 over Thunder Predator, who went on to take down some of the world’s best, so things are looking very promising for beastcoast.


Can Thunder Predator Dominate After Their Incredible Major Run?

Despite coming second in season 1 and almost missing out on a major spot altogether, Thunder Predator shook the Dota 2 world at the Singapore Major. The team dominated the group stage, taking down the likes of Team Aster, PSG.LGD and Liquid in clean 2-0 matches.

They then went on to make an impressive lower-bracket run in the playoffs (after an early loss to Team Secret) where they once again took down Team Aster, before defeating – both times 2-0. They lost to eventual Sportsbook Invictus Gaming in a very close 2-1 match, overall performing much above expectations.

Now as we return to regional competition, it will be interesting to see which Thunder Predator shows up. If we see the early major form from them once again, they should be able to completely sweep the league. However, we’ve seen them slip and fall in season 1, so it’s very possible they’ll do that again.

Underdogs Aim to Challenge Once Again

Despite featuring two big favorites, South American Dota 2 is actually quite competitive. Both beastcoast and Thunder Predator dropped series in season 1, with beastcoast losing 2-0 to NoPing esports, while TP lost to both Infamous and beastcoast.

Both NoPing and Infamous ended up finishing in the lower half of the rankings, meaning other teams were also able to challenge them. This means that, as unlikely as it may be, there’s a very real possibility that the underdogs make some noise once again.

Granted, we’re not likely to see a Sportsbook that isn’t beastcoast or Thunder Predator, but it’s very possible both could drop maps or even series once again.