Betting Questions From Outkick

Last Thursday (May 5) I was in Nashville to visit Clay Travis from FoxSports. We went Game 4 of the Sharks-Predators series (pic above) and I appeared on his show Outkick The Coverage to talk Kentucky Derby, NBA playoffs, Presidential odds and most other things under the betting sun. 

The questions flowed in on Periscope while we chatted and I didn't have time to get to them all so we gathered them up and my answers are below. Enjoy.  

@cal_heeter: Good value on Trump at +280?
Not really great value considering he was 150-1 to open. But he may be the only logical betting option right now considering Hilary Clinton is -275

@KHMakerD: Can you explain odds?

@delfonic: canelo/ggg odds if the fight is made?
Earlier in the year oddsmakers had this one set with Golovkin at -350 and Canelo at +265.

@No_Saint1: what’s Mo Tom’s odds?
He was 25-1 for the Kentucky Derby and totally failed, finishing eighth. 

@abaumli: wtf is different between online gambling and option trading?
Not that much in many ways. In the eyes of the public, one is totally legal and acceptable and the other not so widely. Stock brokers and professional bettors can argue which one is more speculative. 

@BentonJones19: OddsShark has Clay sitting in the Lexus lounge at -275. Thoughts?
Nah, we were in section 114. Lower bowl. Good seats with easy access to beer stands.  

@cal_heeter: worth taking a long shot next EPL season?
Tough to say ‘no’ to that one in any year moving forward after Leicester City won it at 5000-1 this season. Leicester is a bit of a long shot again after Sportsbook at 33-1. 

@Dat_Kid_Wiz: How about Miami odds of winning the east?
The Heat are 10-1 now to win the Eastern Conference, tied 2-2 in their series with the Raptors. Cleveland is the mammoth favorite at -700 to win the East.  

@Bryan129: Who makes presidential odds and how?
Oddsmakers at various sportsbooks set the odds. It’s largely a subjective thing based on input from news, polls and elections results from the primaries & caucuses. From there adjustments are made based on where the money flows in. 

@ryanmichael11: You like Pens to win it all?
I think the Sportsbook will come out of the West but I like the Penguins to beat Tampa Bay and get to the finals. Playing great hockey right now. 

@kylebroughton12: Can you please explain the Purse System for the top ¾ they show every year after the race?

The purse for the Kentucky Derby is $2 million and distribution goes like this: 
Sportsbook (62%) -- $1.24 million
Second (20%) -- $400,000
Third (10%) -- $200,000
Fourth (5%) -- $100,000
Fifth (3%) -- $60,000

@jheiting: You can’t even legally gamble on politics in Vegas can you?
Nope. South Point set odds for PR purposes. They aren't allowed to take wagers on it in Nevada. 

@DNordy_: Are there odds out for the Sportsbook of the College Football Playoffs next year?
Hell yes. Alabama and Ohio State are the favorites at 7-1 at Sportsbook. Then Clemson (8-1), Michigan (10-1), Oklahoma (10-1) and Tennessee (14-1). You can find the rest here

@cal_heeter: Are grey horses genetically faster?
Absolutely. All 50 shades of them. 

@jheiting: Huge amateur horse gambler here. What is the best slot position?
In which race? For the Kentucky Derby it’s the 5 and the 1 historically.