Don't miss the odds on which house guest will win Big Brother Season 8.

Odds to Win Big Brother Canada Season 8

*The Show Has Been Canceled Due To COVID-19*

A very odd social experiment has led to one of the most popular reality TV shows across the globe. Of course, I’m talking about Big Brother, where contestants are isolated from civilization and COVID-19, put into a house and compete for power to eliminate the other houseguests to win the game.

The eighth season of Big Brother Canada is in progress and will spill into May, offering lots of opportunities to wager on this show and on who will win the $100,000 grand prize.

Online sportsbook Sportsbook has released odds for Big Brother Canada and has made Brooke the favorite at +200 followed by Sheldon at +300, Madeline at +400, Chris at +700 and John Luke at +700.

Now I had to call on my fiancée for help on this one and maybe she can provide us all with a Sportsbook.

Why Is Brooke The Favorite?

Last week’s update of this article had Sheldon as the favorite to win the show and that is Brooke’s right-hand person. She has developed a strong social game and insulated herself with bigger threats that should allow her to advance far in the game without being a target. Additionally, her alliance includes strong physical players to complement her mental strength and there’s a good possibility her team can consistently win contests and stay in power.

Which Houseguests Are Providing More Betting Value Than Brooke?

Once again, I leaned on my fiancée for an underdog pick, though I also have one myself based on what I’ve seen. She likes Vanessa at +1800. This lady is the lone houseguest from the East Coast of Canada and unsurprisingly she’s a lobster fisherman (falling into a stereotype there). The 26-year-old is obviously physically strong considering her line of work, and combining that with her outgoing, likable and spunky personality, she is one who may fly under the radar and find herself in the running to win the show.

The person I’ve liked is Hira at +1200. He is an accountant outside of the house and I really like his social game, pulling on people’s heartstrings. He is a likable person, which can really take him far. Hira also has a challenge win already, pulling himself off the chopping block last week, so he has an underrated physical game as well. I like the value of +1600 this early in an always evolving game.

Here’s a look at the full list of odds to win Big Brother Canada Season 8:

Odds to win Big Brother Canada Season 8
Sportsbook Odds
Brooke Warnock +200
Sheldon Jean +300
Madeline Di Nunzio +400
Chris Wyllie +700
John Luke Kieper +700
Hira Deol +1200
Rianna Swanson +1200
Minh-Ly Nguyen-Cao +1600
Susanne Fuda +1800
Vanessa Clements +1800
Angie Tackie +2000

Odds as of March 24 at Sportsbook