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Dancing With the Stars Season 12 Odds

Does not seem like so long ago that Jennifer Grey won Season 11 of Dancing With the Stars and another exciting season - and more DWTS Odds - is upon us.

The 2-hour season premier of the show will be on Monday March 21st where each dancing pair will perform either the Cha Cha Cha or Foxtrot.

Yes Sportsbook has Dancing With The Stars odds posted for the Sportsbook for Season 12 and, before the new competition begins, Kendra Wilkinson - ex Playboy bunny and former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner - has the best odds to win at 3/1. Hard to argue with that if you have seen her moves during the Sportsbook or closing sequence of her reality show Kendra.

She is partnered up with Season 8 dancer Van Amstel.

Current Odds at Sportsbook :

Odds to Win Dancing With the Stars 12       

Naima Adedapo          5/2

Kendra Wilkinson       7/2

Chelsea Kane              11/2

Hines Ward                 11/2

Ralph Macchio                        11/2

Sugar Ray Leonard     6/1

Lil' Romeo                  8/1

Mike Catherwood       9/1

Chris Jericho               10/1

Kirsti Alley                 10/1

Wendy Williams         12/1

Petra Nemcova            18/1

There are three athletes in Season 12, well two really if you count professional wrestlers, in football stud Hines Ward, boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard, and wrestler Chris Jericho. These guys may be solid bets, as in 11 season of Dancing With the Stars athletes have won the title 5 times.

Even if you don't think pro wrestling is a sport you have to have moves and be athletic to be at the top of the WWF, but Jericho does not have very good odds to win this season.

Karate Kid's Ralph Macchio has the second best odds at Sportsbook and if he can show the moves on the floor that he did on the silver screen he has a legitimate shot. Kirstie Alley is now fit and ready to dance, but her odds are not good. Other contestants include radio personality "Psycho Mike" Catherwood, Disney's Chelsea Kane, supermodel Petra Nemcova, TV's Wendy Williams, and rapper Lil' Romeo.


Supermodel Petra Nemcova has the worst odds to win Dancing With the Stars this season, but I hope she makes it far, as she is not bad on the eyes. Two former models have won DWTS with model and actress Kelly Monaco winning in the first season and model and television show host Brooke Burke winning in Season 7.

While we do not know who will win you can be sure that there will be some drama with the eclectic personalities that will competing in Season 12.

Here are the Sportsbook odds to win DWTS this season.

Kendra Wilkinson         3/1
Ralph Macchio             7/2
Chelsea Kane               4/1
Hines Ward                 11/2
Lil' Romeo                   11/2
Sugar Ray Leonard       6/1
Wendy Williams           7/1
Kirsti Alley                   8/1
Chris Jericho               10/1
Mike Catherwood        12/1
Petra Nemcova            14/1