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‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie’ Betting Props: Does Jesse Pinkman Live?

The stars of 'El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie' pose for the camera. Take a look at the latest El Camino betting props.

Fans of the Breaking Bad television series will finally get to see the fate of the troubled Jesse Pinkman when the film “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie” is released on Netflix this week.

Oddsmakers are ready to go back to Albuquerque for the award-winning drama and have released a ton of betting props that involve your favorite characters from the universe created by Vince Gilligan.

Online sportsbook BetOnline has props that range from whether Jesse Pinkman will die and how, to whether Walter White or Saul Goodman will appear in the movie and if Pinkman will break bad and go back to doing drugs.


Does Jesse Pinkman Die In the ‘El Camino’ Movie?

One of the highly debated topics for anyone who watched the final scene of the Breaking Bad finale was if Jesse Pinkman got away from the police while driving away in the El Camino or if he ends up getting caught or dies.

The current betting odds are -160 that he does NOT die in the “El Camino” film. For him to meet his unfortunate death, the odds are +120. Bettors can have some fun by wagering on the “method of death” for Jesse and some of them are grim options.

Gunshot is +300 and Knife/Ax is +700 while drowning is +3300 but those seem too easy for a writer like Vince Gilligan, who may be one of the best screenwriters/directors at foreshadowing.

Deep down, I’m rooting for Pinkman to make it out alive but Gilligan doesn’t seem to be the sentimental type given some of the brutal deaths we’ve seen on Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul.

I debated Jesse’s fate with fellow Odds Shark writer Scott Hastings and I proposed the “Suicide” betting option at +1000 as I suspect he’ll be on the run A LOT from the DEA in this flick. Scott is dubious of Jesse taking his own life and thinks a wager on him NOT to die at -160 would be the best option, regardless of odds.

What do you think happens to Jesse Pinkman in “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie”? Does he get away while cooking up some revenge on those who wronged him? Or does he finally end up like everyone else who crossed paths with Walter White/Heisenberg – dead.

Here are some of the “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie” betting props offered by BetOnline and you can see more at the sportsbook.

Will Jesse Pinkman Die In "El Camino"?

Odds as of October 9 at BetOnline

How Will Jesse Pinkman Die In "El Camino"?
Blunt Force+800
Car Accident+1000
Drug Overdose+1000
Pushed Off Building or Bridge+1200
Drowning +3300
Buried Alive+3300
Burnt Alive+3300

Odds as of October 9 at BetOnline

Will Saul goodman Appear In "El Camino"?

Odds as of October 9 at BetOnline

Will Walter White Appear In "El Camino"?

Odds as of October 9 at BetOnline

Will Blue Meth Be Shown In "El Camino"?

Odds as of October 9 at BetOnline

Will Grey Matter Be Said In "El Camino"?

Odds as of October 9 at BetOnline

Will Heisenberg Be Said In "El Camino"?

Odds as of October 9 at BetOnline