What are the odds of Eminem making a diss track about Nick Cannon? Find out.

Eminem, Nick Cannon Diss Track Odds

What better way to bid farewell to the 2010s than to reignite a rap beef first started back in 2009 via a newly released single from a hip-hop artist whose career started back in the late 1990s.

Eminem and Nick Cannon have traded lyrical barbs for the better part of the past decade over their relationships with R&B singer Mariah Carey. After years of relative calm, Eminem was recently featured on Fat Joe’s new single “Lord Above” where the 8 Mile resident pulled no punches and chirped at both Cannon and Carey. Shortly thereafter, Cannon responded during his radio show and via an alleged diss track titled “The Invitation,” which hasn’t really resonated on social media as much as he hoped.

With 19 days to go in 2019, Sportsbooks have set odds on whether Eminem will respond to Cannon’s “Invitation” with his own diss track.

Will Eminem Respond To Nick Cannon’s Diss Track?

Odds as of December 12 at Sportsbook. Eminem must drop a Nick Cannon diss track before Jan. 1, 2020, for 'Yes' to be graded as a Sportsbook. Eminem's bars from 'Lord Above' by Fat Joe & DRE does not count. Any wagers placed the same day news becomes public knowledge will be voided. Book manager's decision is final. 

Eminem-Machine Gun Kelly 2018 Diss Tracks

This is the second time in two years that Eminem, no stranger to controversy, has engaged in diss track crossfire. He surprised fans with a new album called Kamikaze in August 2018, which featured a song called “Not Alike” that takes shots at fellow rapper Machine Gun Kelly. Their feud started back in 2012 when MGK tweeted about Eminem’s then-16-year-old daughter, Hailie. Several years later, MGK accused Eminem of having the Cleveland rapper blackballed. So, all this was stewing for years prior to the 2018 “Not Alike” drop. From there, things got interesting.

On September 3, 2018, just days after Kamikaze was released, MGK came back at Eminem with a clever diss track called “Rap Devil.” Eleven days later, Eminem answered with “Killshot.” Using that timeline as a response time barometer and with Cannon’s “Invitation” dropping on December 9, we could definitely hear Mathers’ retort before the end of the month.

That is unless he’s behind on his holiday shopping or working on a Fred Durst-Christina Aguilera collaboration to kick off the 2020s.

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