Johnny Manziel is part of Fan Controlled Football. Check out where his team is in the Fan Controlled Football odds.

Fan Controlled Football Odds: Aces Favored in Championship Game

For the third straight year, a new football league has come to be following the NFL season, but perhaps this one is here to stay.

The AAF (Alliance of American Football) lasted just eight weeks in 2019 – remember that? In 2020, the XFL returned for five games prior to the COVID-19 outbreak and filed for bankruptcy shortly after.

Now we have the FCF, Fan Controlled Football, which had its first games on February 13 and is now left with two teams playing for the People’s Championship on March 20 with the Wild Aces favored over the Glacier Boyz.


The inaugural FCF season lasted six weeks and heading into the People’s Championship, online sportsbook Sportsbook has released Fan Controlled Football odds. The sportsbook lists the Wild Aces as the -125 favorites to beat the Glacier Boyz (-105) in the finals.

Looking at the Fan Controlled Football odds, our sports betting calculator tells us that the Aces’ odds of -125 represent an implied win probability of 55.56 percent. Additionally, a $125 bet on a Wild Aces championship victory would profit you $100.

Who will win the Fan Controlled Football Championship?

Fan Controlled Football Odds
Team Odds
Wild Aces -125
Glacier Boyz -105

Odds as of March 19 at Sportsbook

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Fan Controlled Football: What is it, how does it work & how do I bet on it?

Fan Controlled Football is exactly what it sounds like. You, the fans, have a large impact on weekly team rosters and in-game play-calling, among other things. The fans began having input a while ago on team names, logos and even some of the actual game rules such as overtime format and onside kick rules.

I mentioned weekly rosters. This part is kind of neat but also makes things very difficult in terms of weekly betting. Each Wednesday there is a draft in which teams select their players for the upcoming game. Each team gets to franchise-tag one player each week to stay with the team for the rest of the season. In the first week, former Heisman Trophy Sportsbook Johnny Manziel went to the Zappers and will remain with the team for the season.

Following the franchise tags, though, the rest of the players from rounds 2-8 are drafted to the different teams and the fans can participate in the draft by choosing where the players go. The fans receive points if their selections come to fruition.

The fan experience continues during the game when your offensive players are on the field. Through the FCF app, you can choose whether the play will be a run or pass, with a choice of four options in those two selections. Again, you gain points if your play is selected. The more points you have, the more influence you have on the game. All games are streamed with real players, 7-on-7, on a 50-yard field on the FCF’s twitch channel.

But how do you bet on Fan Controlled Football?

Well, just like many other sports, online sportsbooks such as Sportsbook release Fan Controlled Football odds such as which team will win the championship or weekly head-to-head betting lines. Following the draft each week, you will have a better insight on matchups and you can place a wager on which team will win or bet on the total.

Unlike typical sports, though, the draft can make teams look entirely different week in and week out, so although a team may get spanked 30-10 one week, the players that found the end zone the week prior can be drafted elsewhere the following week.

This makes it a little bit difficult to handicap as some players will work well with the quarterbacks or the fans play-calling where they may look great one week and not so great the following. As such, the betting lines are typically set at a pick‘em with both sides getting -115 odds. 

Fan Controlled Football Odds: People’s Championship

After a disappointing 1-3 regular season, the Glacier Boyz pulled off the upset in the first round of the playoffs, knocking off the top-seeded 3-1 Beasts 38-20. The Boyz limited the Beasts to just six points in the first half and flexed their offensive muscles in the second half by putting up 24. Former Florida State QB Deondre Francois was strong, throwing for 91 yards and four touchdowns.

Francois may face an uphill battle in the championship game, though, as the Wild Aces silenced the favored Zappers in their playoff matchup. The Zappers, led by Johnny Manziel and Josh Gordon, were restricted to just six points and eight rushing yards.

The Aces killed the clock by gaining 123 yards on the ground en route to a 32-6 blowout. Former Calgary Stampeders running back Ladarius Galloway led the team with 57 rushing yards but the Aces had just one completed pass, which was a 12-yard TD strike.

Glacier Boyz vs Wild Aces
Team Moneyline Total
Glacier Boyz -105 O 58 (-150)
Wild Aces -125 U 58 (+115)

Odds as of March 19 at Sportsbook

Team to Score first
Team Odds
Glacier Boys -110
Wild Aces -120

Odds as of March 19 at Sportsbook