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Game of Props: Betting On Jon Snow

We are clearly past the point where I should need to say this, but SPOILER ALERT. We are going to be talking about events in Game of Thrones that, though they happened months ago, would draw internet hatred if I didn't put the necessary warnings. 

Now that we have that out of the way; what should we expect from the beloved Jon Snow this season on Game of Thrones?

The last time we saw the bastard son of the north he was lying in a pool of his own blood after his brothers of the Night’s Watch stabbed him multiple times. Despite that, the percentage of people who actually believe Jon Snow is DEAD dead is less than 0.1 percent.

Jon Snow is easily the most popular character in a series that showed some struggles last season without the direct influence of A Song of Fire and Ice books. Killing him off could truly alienate some fans that have angrily complained about their favorite characters getting killed constantly. And you can add in the fact that Kit Harrington, the actor who plays Jon Snow, has been spotted on filming locations during production and it stands to reason nobody believes Snow's death is final.

Just how little does anyone believe it? BetWay has odds on Jon Snow being alive in season six as 1/100. Which basically means that a $100 bet would net you a big $1 profit.

Some other Jon Snow-related props may offer some intriguing value to bettors though.

Jon Snow To Leave Night’s Watch (1/4)

This one seems relatively self-explanatory. Assuming that Jon Snow is indeed resurrected, then the odds of him chilling up north with the guys who stabbed him are pretty slim. And it is pretty clear that Snow’s more liberal views towards the Wildlings and the breaking of his oath means that he is not fit to stand watch.

The biggest question to ask though; is what is next for Jon Snow?

Jon Snow To Sit on The Iron Throne (10/1)

The Iron Throne has been a revolving door during the Game of Thrones series. Tommen Baratheon is currently sitting atop the throne, but after being standing idly while the Sparrows have basically taken control does not spell a bright future for the young king.

In order for Jon Snow to sit atop the Iron Throne by the end of season six he needs to move a great geographical distance, while accruing enough support in King’s Landing to ensure a level of safety, which would almost certainly mean we would need to see the evaporation of the Sparrows. This would also need to come at a time in which there was no King because there is no way Snow murders a kid for the crown.

 Jon Snow To Marry Daenerys Targaryen (50/1)

The joining of two legendary families, assuming we are counting Jon Snow as a member of the Stark family, would be so many fans dreams come true. For this to happen though we would need to see Jon Snow get moving (something that is currently hard with most of his blood outside of his body) and Dany might need to actually do something instead of just chilling in Meereen.

Obviously this is highly unlikely to happen in season six, as this would be the culmination of too many storylines to probably justify a seventh season. Could this happen down the line? Sure. I just couldn’t see it happening any time soon.

Game of Thrones: Jon Snow Props

Odds as of April 22 at BetWay

  • To Be Alive in Season Six 1/100
  • To Leave Night’s Watch in Season Six 1/4
  • To Sit on the Iron Throne in Season Six 10/1
  • To Marry Daenerys Targaryen in Season Six 50/1