Odds are out on the potential royal baby names for Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

Royal Baby Betting Props: Will Harry and Meghan Honor Diana?

Meghan Markle brought a whole new perspective and attitude to England’s royal family and now she and Harry, the Duke of Sussex, will welcome their first child and newest blue blood this spring. “Diana” is the betting favorite for the name of their first child at +800. Of course, it’s unknown what gender the child will be – but you can bet on that too!

We’ve got a litany of betting props for royal watchers to wager on as the Duke and Duchess prepare for their latest adventure together in parenthood. Some of the props are completely arbitrary, like which day of the week the child will be born on (all at +550), but some results can actually be researched and smart wagers placed.

Will They Have Twins?

According to the Twins and Multiple Births Association, women in their late 30s and early 40s are more likely to produce two or more eggs per ovulation cycle, thus leading to higher incidences of multiple births. Markle recently turned 37 years old so she is at the bottom end of that age band. The betting odds for twins currently sit at +1500 if you want to wager on double trouble.

Will They Have a Ginger Baby?

Harry’s trademark red hair is +300 to be passed down to baby number 1. While the science is imperfect on who we inherit our hair traits from, it’s believed that dark hair is dominant over light hair. Of course, it depends on which trait is dominant (think back to high school biology class) but many researchers lean toward the mother passing on hair traits with the caveat that every case is individual.

A full list of royal baby betting props is below:

Harry & Meghan - Day of First Child’s Birth
Day Odds
Monday +550
Tuesday +550
Wednesday +550
Thursday +550
Friday +550
Saturday +550
Sunday +550
Harry & Meghan - Time of First Child’s Birth
Time Odds
00:00-04:00 +450
04:00-08:00 +450
08:00-12:00 +450
12:00-16:00 +450
16:00-20:00 +450
20:00-24:00 +450
Harry & Meghan - First Child’s Hair Color
Color Odds
Black +150
Brown +150
Red +300
Auburn +700
Blond +1200
Harry & Meghan - GEnder of First Child
Gender Odds
Boy -115
Girl -115
Harry & Meghan - In Which nation Will Their First Child be Born?
Nation Odds
United Kingdon -500
United States  +300
Other Country +700
Harry & Meghan - Weight of Their First Child At Birth
Weight Odds
Over 8lbs 5oz +155
Under 8lbs 5oz -220
Harry & Meghan - Will Their First-Born Have Red Hair?
Yes +350
No -500
Harry & Meghan - Will The Pregnancy Result in Twins?
Yes +1500
No -2500
Harry & Meghan - Name of Their First Child
Name Odds
Diana +800
Alice +1400
Arthur +1400
Edward +1800
Alexandra +2000
Victoria +2000
Elizabeth +2000
Grace +2000
James +2000
Mary +2000
Frances +2000
Henry +2500
Philip +2500
Alexander +2500
Albert +3000
Rachel +3000
Frederick +3300
Oliver +3500
Melissa +4000
Sophie +4000
Spencer +4000
Winston +4000
Richard +4000
Harry +4500
Margaret +4500
Caroline +5000
Olivia +5000
Patricia +5000
Samantha +6000
Emily +6000
Suzanne +6000
Thomas +6000
Augusta +6600
David +6600
Florence +6600
Jane +6600
William +6600
Andrew +6600
Amalia +6600
Anne +6600
Alfred +6600
John +6600
George +6600
Christian +6600
Doria +7500
Louis +7500
Charles +7500
Robert +8000
Victor +8000
Zane +9000
Camilla +10000
Carole +10000
Fiona +10000
Theresa +10000
Leopold +10000
Mark/Marc +10000
Gregory +10000
Michael +10000
Jamie +15000
Boris +25000

Odds as of January 16 at Sportsbook