Harry Potter series odds featuring who will play Dumbledore, Snape and Voldemort

Harry Potter TV Show Odds: No Muggles Allowed! Who Will Be Casted As Witches & Wizards?

Whip out your wands (your fingers) and open up your spellbook (your betting app) because HBO has officially teased an upcoming Harry Potter TV Series.

The adaptation is expected to air across the next decade, similar to the releasing of the movies through 2001 to 2011. Expectations for the legendary book and film series is high, which is still the highest-selling novels to date. 

Expected to premiere in the next two years, limited information has been released about the magical adventures, including the cast. 

Harry Potter Series Cast odds

Rumors are soaring around which witches and wizards will be chosen to play the iconic roles at Hogwarts. 

Who will play albus dumbledore?

Odds to Play Albus Dumbledore In HBO's Harry Potter Series
Jonathan Pryce+400
Jared Harris+450
Donald Sutherland+500
Brian Cox+700
John Lithgow+800
Paddy Considine+800
John Cleese+1200
Stella Skarsgard+1200
Pierce Brosnan+1800
Michael Douglas+2000
Al Pacino+2500
Anton Lesser+2500
Robert De Niro+2500

Odds as of June 8

Albus Dumbledore is the headmaster of Hogwarts, so this role takes quite a bit of leadership and wrinkles because well, he's old -- 116 years old to be exact. This actor would need to be wise, carry a timeless essence and have a sense of mystery. 

Out of this list released by sportsbook, I have my spells set on Brian Cox at +700. The 77-year-old is best known for his role as the head of the family in Succession. It shows his ability to encapsulate a leader role in a calm manner but still have scenes with emotional depth. Plus, slap a beard on him and he's Dumbledore's twin. 

Best Spell To Cast: Brian Cox (+700)

Who will play Lord Voldemort?

Odds to Play Lord Voldemort In HBO's Harry Potter Series
Cillian Murphy+600
Daniel Craig+800
Ralph Fiennes+800
Benedict Cumberbatch+1200
Jason Isaacs+1200
Colin Farrell+1500
Jude Law+1500
Paul Mescal+1500
Paul Dano+2000
Jamie Dornan+2500
Joseph Fiennes+3000

Odds as of June 8

Great lineup here. We don't have to fixate on physical comparisons between the actors and the Dark Lord, as I'm sure a makeup team will transform his face and take away his nose.

This actor needs to be able to portray an eery form of evil that totally encapsulates darkness itself. Cillian Murphy has been featured in a variety of shadowy vibes, including Peaky Blinders. He also leans into post-apocalyptic, creepy films like Oppenheimer, 28 Days Later, Inception and A Quiet Place 2. Overall, he suits the ambience. 

Of course, there's the easy choice of casting the original Voldemort -- Ralph Fiennes. There's no doubt the 60-year-old knows how to become "He Who Cannot Be Name" and his career can handle the longevity of a 10-year commitment. 

I'm gonna throw a value pick into this potion by considering Colin Farrell. The Irishman already has a natural cool, spooky tone to his personality. I think this complex role could come natural to him and his versatile career.

Best Spell To Cast: Cillian Murphy (+600)

Who will play Severus Snape?

Odds to Play Severus Snape In HBO's Harry Potter Series
Adam Driver+150
Aneruin Barnard +700
Oscar Isaac+800
Paul Bettany+1000
Kit Harrington+1200
Idris Elba+1500
Orlando Bloom+1500
Riz Ahmed+1500
Bill Hader+1800
Andrew Garfield+2000
Liev Schreiber+2000

Odds as of June 8

If HBO messes up this role, I will take it personally. Professor Snape has the best character development in the Harry Potter series. He goes from a hated dark arts teacher who has an unwarranted prejudice for Harry. But, we later get entranced by Snapes' story of love and tragedy with Harry's mom, Lily. In the end, we connect to him on a deep level that we didn't expect coming. 

I'm shocked to see so many comedians on this oddsboard, I mean Snape didn't crack a smile in any of the eight movies. Truthfully, I think this role is the most complicated to fill.

Harry Potter fanatics have been clinging to Adam Drive as the perfect Snape, probably because of their uncanny resemblance -- not many people can pull off that jet black bob, you know. 

I'm already prepared to admit no one will come close to topping Alan Rickman's original performance. The monotone, chilling voice and complex depth of the role won't come easy. But, I'll trust my fellow Potterheads that Driver could at least pull off a lookalike attempt. 

Best Spell To Cast: Adam Driver +150