Great Gold vs Great White Betting Odds

Michael Phelps, the bazillion-time Olympic gold medal winner, has taken on the best human swimmers in the world and faced little opposition. The competition became too easy, so Mr. Phelps decided it was time for the ultimate test of his skills.

A race against a f***ing great white shark.

The event, which is being dubbed “Great Gold vs Great White” will take place on Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week on July 23. And, to the surprise of nobody, the animal that spends its entire existence in the water is a massive favorite, with the unnamed great white being pegged at -550 and Phelps coming back at +325.

The great white shark, nature’s most fascinating killing machine, can grow upwards of 16 feet long and swim at 35 mph. Phelps stands at a diminutive 6’4” and only clocks in at roughly six mph in the water. That doesn’t sound impressive comparably but you try and swim six miles in an hour.

Besides, following the release of a certain photo of the 28-time Olympic medalist partaking in a certain activity that is illegal in certain parts of the U.S., I’m sure Phelps has raced his fair share of bizarre things, even if it was just in his own mind.

Who Will Win The Race: Great Gold vs Great White?
  • Michael Phelps +325
  • Great White Shark -550
Odds as of July 20 at Sportsbook