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Odds of Deadspin Surviving 2019

A mass exodus from Deadspin has left oddsmakers wondering whether or not the site will be around in 2020

In the age of click-bait headlines on social media, very few, if any, websites have done it better than Deadspin. Creative and sometimes NSFW headlines and story angles have drawn us all into their space on more than one occasion. With journalists exiting en masse this week, betting odds have emerged on whether this is the end of the popular site.

What is Deadspin?

According to its Wikipedia page, Deadspin is a sports news and blog website originally founded by Gawker Media in 2005. Things went along fairly smoothly until Gawker was essentially bankrupted by Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit in 2016. Gawker sold some of its properties, including Deadspin, to Univision Communications and that’s when Gizmodo Media was born.

Gizmodo ran Deadspin, arguably to its high point, during the last three years before it was purchased by Great Hill Partners in April 2019. Immediately, employees became disgruntled by interference from management.

Where Did It All Go Wrong? 

The first public cracks in the armor appeared this past summer when editor-in-chief Megan Greenwell resigned her position, citing “dysfunction caused by corporate management, attempts by them to intimidate writers out of reporting on it, and undermining and condescending to the site’s senior staff.”

Ultimately this two-month-long revolt lies at the feet of CEO Jim Spanfeller, who is credited with issuing an edict to writers to “stick to sports” in their writing. Interestingly, though, not sticking to sports is what has gained Deadspin the following that it has. 

If anything, in this day and age, it’s important to separate the game from the people playing it and tell the stories about them – whether they are positive or negative. 

The Tipping Point

Once the news broke of interim editor-in-chief Barry Petchesky’s firing, the dominoes began to fall rapidly. The number of writers who quit their jobs in a stance of solidarity with Petchesky is now in the double digits. This is still a very fluid situation with news still coming out daily.

Of Course You Can Bet On This

Like anything topical, this is a put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is situation. Online oddsmaker Bovada has created odds on whether Deadspin will be “sold off or shut down by the end of 2019.”

These odds opened with Yes paying about 10-1 but it’s been feverishly bet down to +200. Likewise, No was a very chalky -800 at open but is now available at -300. 

As always, Odds Shark will be all over this and any other entertainment betting options available to the public. 

Will Deadspin Be Sold Off Or Shut Down By The End Of 2019?

Odds as of November 1 at Bovada