Who's going to die next in season 8 of 'Game of Thrones'? Here's what the odds say.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Odds: Who’s Going to Die Next?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers. If you haven’t finished episodes 1, 2, 3 and 4 of Game of Thrones Season 8, look away.

Game of Thrones has gone from an extremely successful TV show to a cultural phenomenon over the years, and the final season of the epic HBO series is more than halfway done. If you’re looking to put some money on the line while watching the action unveil in Westeros, Sportsbook has you covered.

Game of Thrones is well known for its violence. If you’re liable to get attached to characters only to get upset when they meet an untimely death, this is simply not the show for you. This video by Leon Andrew Razon Compilations shows the 174,373 (!) deaths in the show over a span of 23 minutes. R.I.P.

many main characters remain with two episodes left

With an epic Battle of Winterfell in the books, the season is entering its home stretch with only two episodes remaining. While some characters met their maker fighting off the White Walkers, the majority of the main cast still remains. A new battle in King’s Landing for the Iron Throne is looming, and there should be plenty of bloodshed in store.

In episode 4 we saw Daenerys Targaryen lose her second dragon at the hands of Euron Greyjoy, as Rhaegal was struck out of the sky by the Iron Fleet. Rhaegal was +500 to be the first character to die prior to the episode. 

Things got even worse for Dany shortly after when she lost one of her most trusted advisers, Missandei. Missandei, who was captured by Euron, found herself in the unenviable position as Cersei’s slave. In front of Daenerys and her counterparts, Cersei ordered The Mountain to cut off Missandei’s head. It’s safe to say episode 5 is going to be the bloodiest of the season.

Who’s going to kill Cersei?

One character many Thrones fans have been waiting to see pass away is undoubtedly Cersei. The former wife of Robert Baratheon and mother of the late Joffrey, Tommen and Myrcella, Cersei has a thirst for power that can only be rivaled by her thirst for wine. No one knows what’s going to happen in Thrones’ final season, but you can bet on her fate.

Do you think you know who is going to kill Cersei? Jaime Lannister is the +125 favorite with Arya Stark right behind him at +160. The odds of her not dying come in at +400, with the chances of her committing suicide available at +600.

The theory of Jaime killing his sister/lover has been around for quite some time now, although I’m personally rooting for Tyrion. He already killed their father with a crossbow, after all.

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Odds courtesy of Sportsbook

Who will die first?
Character Odds
Gregor Clegane -600
Sandor Clegane +350
Who will die first?
Character Odds
Jaime Lannister -550
Tyrion Lannister +325
Who will die first?
Character Odds
Jon Snow -135
Bran Stark -105
Who will die first?
Character Odds
Arya Stark -140
Sansa Stark EVEN
Who will die first?
Character Odds
Cersei Lannister -400
Daenerys Targaryen +250
Who will die first?
Character Odds
Gilly -300
Hot Pie +200
Who will kill Cersei Lannister?
Character Odds
Jaime Lannister +125
Arya Stark +160
Does not perish at series end +400
Cersei (suicide) +600
Tyrion Lannister +900
Sansa Stark +1300
Daenerys Targaryen +2200
Euron Greyjoy +2500
Jon Snow +2500
Qyburn +2500
The Mountain +5000
Ellaria Sand +10000
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