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After nine years in prison, OJ Simpson is set to be released from lockup after a successful hearing in front of the Nevada Parole Board on Thursday and sportsbooks are already pumping out betting props on whether the infamous former football star will do anything to violate the terms of his conditional release.

According to [custom:bodog-link], the odds are unlikely he screws up, setting the line at +500 for Simpson to be returned to a Nevada prison. He has, after all, lived a “relatively incident free life.”

That was a direct quote from Mr. Simpson. DOH. I mean, I guess he’s right ... unless you categorize being suspected for murder or conducting armed robbery as incidents.

Odds for Juice to be let loose reached -300 by the time of his hearing so the board’s decision was no shocker. The news, however, was still heavy for some to bear.

During his live-streamed hearing, OJ showed remorse for the crimes he was convicted of but was quick to come to his own defense when questioned. Several outbursts during the proceedings could indicate that Simpson is still haunted by his world-famous temper.

When he was a free man, the Naked Gun star was easily attracted by the bright lights of fame and in today’s society that rewards egomania, OJ could thrive a la Kim Kardashian and LaVar Ball. If I were an adviser of the record-setting running back, I’d probably tell him to lay low.

All the press and content that he’s generated in the last few days, though, make it seem probable that we’re in for an OJ redemption tour – like it or lump it.

Is OJ a reformed man? Did he do it? These are questions that might elicit different answers depending on who you ask but in the eyes of the law, Orenthal James Simpson is fit to walk the streets and to flog the log as he pleases.

Here are the props available to bet at [custom:bodog-link]:

Will OJ Simpson have parole Revoked before his release from prison?
  • Yes +1400
  • No -10000
Odds as of July 21 at Bovada
Will OJ Simpson Violate his parole and be returned to a Nevada State Prison?
  • Yes +500
  • No -1000
Odds as of July 21 at Bovada