'Cats' is the front-runner to be a big winner in Razzie Awards odds.

40th Annual Razzie Awards: ‘Cats’ Moves Into The Litter

Unlike the Academy Awards, which recognize the peak of the film industry each year, the flip side of the coin is the Golden Raspberry Awards, or the Razzies as they’re affectionately called.

Most years have an obvious punching bag of a movie for the critics to throw shade at and one movie in particular is bearing the brunt of the hate for the 40th edition of this “awards” show and that’s the film (if you want to call it that) “Cats.” 

The live-action production of the famous Broadway play was panned across the board, currently hovering at 20 percent at Rotten Tomatoes and the overwhelming front-runner to win Worst Picture at -650. Let’s be frank, you know this is a bad movie when a Tyler Perry production is the next betting option at +1000 for “A Madea Family Funeral.”

Odds To Win Razzie Award For Worst Picture
Film Odds
Cats -650
A Madea Family Funeral +1000
The Fanatic +1000
The Haunting Of Sharon Tate +1000
Rambo: Last Blood +1400

Odds as of February 26 at Sportsbook

Worst Acting Categories

Since Cats had a star-studded cast with no leading role, it was spared from the alley and instead thrown in the cat litter for Worst Supporting Actor and Actress. James Corden, host of The Late Late Show on CBS, is the front-runner to take the Razzie at -300 for his role of Bustopher Jones (I wish I’d made that up) while actress Rebel Wilson is -300 to take the Razzie for Worst Supporting Actress with Dame Judi Dench having a hairball’s chance at +300 to beat her by a whisker.

In the lead roles, John “Revolta” Travolta is the odds-on favorite to win his second Razzie for Worst Actor for his role in two bombs, I mean films, called “The Fanatic” and “Trading Paint.” Travolta is no stranger to the Golden Raspberries as he’s been nominated seven times in his career and got his first Razzie for the catastrophe of a flick called “Battlefield: Earth.”

As for Worst Actress, Hilary Duff leads all nominees for her poor-taste portrayal of Sharon Tate in “The Haunting of Sharon Tate,” which reimagines Tate’s life events and positions them as a horror movie. Considering the success of Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon A Time in... Hollywood,” the timing of this release had to be considered awful for the Tate estate.

Odds To Win Razzie Award For Worst Actor
Actor Odds
John Travolta (The Fanatic/Trading Paint) -200
Sylvester Stallone (Rambo: Last Blood) +400
James Franco (Zeroville) +500
David Harbour (Hellboy) +1000
Matthew McConaughey (Serenity) +1200

Odds as of February 26 at Sportsbook

Odds To Win Razzie Award For Worst Actress
Actress Odds
Hilary Duff (The Haunting Of Sharon Tate) -150
Tyler Perry as Madea (A Madea Family Funeral) +300
Rebel Wilson (The Hustle) +500
Francesca Hayward (Cats) +900
Anne Hathaway (The Hustle/Serenity) +1000

Odds as of February 26 at Sportsbook

Odds To Win Razzie Award For Worst Supporting Actor
Actor Odds
James Corden (Cats) -450
Tyler Perry as Joe (A Madea Family Funeral) +550
Tyler Perry as Uncle Heathrow (A Madea Family Funeral) +700
Seth Rogen (Zeroville) +1600
Bruce Willis (Glass) +2000

Odds as of February 26 at Sportsbook

Odds To Win Razzie Award For Worst Supporting Actress
Actress Odds
Rebel Wilson (Cats) -300
Judi Dench (Cats) +350
Jessica Chastain (Dark Phoenix) +750
Cassi Davis (A Madea Family Funeral) +1500
Fenessa Pineda (Rambo: Last Blood) +2000

Odds as of February 26 at Sportsbook

Did You Think We Were Done With ‘Cats’?

Just when you thought you were done reading about one of the all-time box office bombs of the big screen, “Cats” makes its appearance once again to rub up against your leg and then disappear for a few days after you feed it.

The live-action film’s director was not spared the wrath of the Razzie nominations with Tom Hooper as the odds-on favorite to win Worst Director at -300. Quite a fall from grace for a director who won an Oscar for his work in 2010 for “The King’s Speech” with two of his next three movies being plays adapted to the big screen.

“Cats” also has the distinction of not only having nine lives but nine nominees among the 11 categories and oddsmakers have set an OVER/UNDER line of 3.5 Razzies for the feline flop with the OVER at -400.

Here are prop odds for the rest of the categories that involve “Cats” and each will stare into your soul while simultaneously becoming a piece of the furniture:

Odds To Win Razzie Award For Worst Director
Director Odds
Tom Hooper (Cats) -300
Fred Durst (The Fanatic) +300
James Franco (Zeroville) +1200
Adrian Grunberg (Rambo: Last Blood) +1400
Neil Marshall (Hellboy) +1600

Odds as of February 26 at Sportsbook

Total Razzies For ‘Cats’
Number Odds
OVER 3.5 -400
UNDER 3.5 +250

Odds as of February 26 at Sportsbook

Worst Screen Combo
Options Odds
Any Two Half-Feline/Half-Human Hairballs (Cats) EVEN
Jason Derulo & His CGI-Neutered ‘Bulge‘ (Cats) +230
John Travolta & Any Screenplay He Accepts +400
Sylvester Stallone & His Impotent Rage +850
Tyler Perry & Tyler Perry -or- Tyler Perry +900

Odds as of February 26 at Sportsbook

Best Of The Rest

Odds To Win Razzie Redeemer Award
Actor Odds
Adam Sandler (Uncut Gems) -400
Eddie Murphy (Dolemite Is My Name) +375
Jennifer Lopez (Hustlers) +850
Keanu Reeves (John Wick 3 / Toy Story 4) +1800
Will Smith (Aladdin) +2500

Odds as of February 26 at Sportsbook

Worst Remake, Ripoff Or Sequel Razzie Award
Film Odds
Rambo: Last Blood -120
Dark Phoenix +200
A Madea Family Funeral +700
Hellboy (2019) +700
Godzilla: King of the Monsters +1200

Odds as of February 26 at Sportsbook