Different Faves Emerging in U.S. Elections

For the first time in a while, we are seeing a variety of favorites when it comes to the regional votes in the U.S. presidential election. 

Ted Cruz is set at -280 to win the Republican primary in his home state of Texas, jumping ahead of Trump as the favorite in a primary or caucus election for a change. That’s not something we’re used to seeing lately. Trump is favored to win every other state primary or caucus at 5Dimes, with the exception of the Puerto Rico primary where Marco Rubio is the favorite at -230. 

It’s a slightly different story on the Democrat side where Bernie Sanders is ruining Hillary Clinton’s favorite parade in a handful of states. Sanders is favored in Maine (-540), Massachusetts (-110), Vermont (-11,000), Colorado (-320) & Minnesota (-190).

Despite this, Clinton is the far greater favorite to win the Democratic nomination (-900) than Trump is to win the Republican nomination for president (-285). 

Massachusetts is one of the more interesting primaries for either political party considering Clinton is leading in the WBUR poll as of Friday. The poll had Clinton at 49 percent with Sanders at 44 percent this week. If the polls are correct, there is some major underdog value here in betting. 

The home state is always one where you expect the candidates to have a great shot at the win, which is why Sanders is favored in Vermont at -11,000 – the highest odds of any of the top candidates to win any state primary or caucus. It’s also why Cruz is set at -280 in Texas, though some are beginning to wonder if Trump will eat his lunch there.  

There were no odds for Florida, Marco Rubio’s home state, and maybe that’s a good thing for Rubio supporters because recent polls are “utterly devastating” for him according to at least one report from Vox.  

The bilingual Rubio is the favorite in Puerto Rico, however, with ‘The Field’ set at +170. 

Hillary Clinton is still the favorite to be the next president at -140 while Donald Trump is next at +300. We can expect some adjustments to those odds after Super Tuesday, March 1.