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Sheen Show Suspension Odds

What are the odds Two and a Half Men will be suspended?

There have been reports that the production of the hit show Two and a Half Men is set to begin on February 28th after a hiatus because of Charlie Sheen's troubles.

Troubles? Well, porn stars, tons of drugs, and non-stop partying as reported by TMZ.com may not sound like trouble to some, but for Sheen he was spiraling out of control and Warner Bros. and CBS execs pulled the plug on the show until the star got better.

He has seemed to be better since his time off and by better I mean sober. However, will he stay that way so the show will get back on track? Good question and Bovada has odds posted on it.

Will CBS have to suspend production of Two and a Half Men, which is scheduled to begin February 28th 2011?        

Yes 5/1
No  1/8

Sheen told Dan Patrick on his radio show that said he would be back at work March 1st, but previously he said he wanted to get back to work earlier, but the Warner Bros. execs would not let him.

While he has looked to be sober Sheen has had some pretty weird comments lately, as he recently gave an impromptu anti-drug speech to the UCLA baseball team and told them to "stay off the crack."

Also he compared himself to another Hollywood party boy of years' past in Errol Flynn stating that Flynn, "had to put down his sword on occasion."

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The hiatus of the show did not only hurt Sheen and his health, but they people associated with the show and the CBS network. Around $250 million in domestic syndication deals and other millions in advertisement revenue were in limbo with the show off the air.

Sheen even offered to cover a third of the salaries of the crew of Two and a Half Men crew during the shutdown if CBS would pay the rest. I mean, that is the least he could do, as he makes a cool $2 million per episode and it is his substance abuse that took the show off the air.