Star Wars: The Last Jedi Box Office Betting Odds

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is set to bring a massive cultural boon for nerds (like me) and a massive amount of money for Disney. The Last Jedi offers longtime fans plenty of intrigue after the happenings of The Force Awakens and will determine if the newest trilogy will continue to mirror the originals.

In terms of sheer box office makings, The Last Jedi will almost certainly be the top-grossing movie of 2017 – a distinction now held by the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast. There are plenty of different betting props on the board surrounding just how big a blockbuster Episode 8 will be, so I am here to break it down for you.

First, the second movies in the previous two Star Wars trilogies have both had a larger domestic Sportsbook weekend than their predecessors. A New Hope made $6.8 million in its wide release while The Empire Strikes Back made $10.8 million, and The Phantom Menace made $64.8 million while Attack of the Clones (somehow) made $80 million. That is an increase of 35 percent and 23 percent respectively.

Let’s say The Last Jedi exceeds The Force Awakens’ Sportsbook weekend by just 20 percent, Episode 8 would be lined up to make about $297 million domestically. This is also the part where we need to mention that the biggest Sportsbook weekend ever belongs to The Force Awakens. Even if The Last Jedi makes less money than The Force Awakens, it will destroy all the competition.

Now, you can start to ask whether The Last Jedi will be able to top the $1-billion mark at the box office. Only 30 movies have ever accomplished that feat – largely superhero movies and family-friendly animated adventures, and including The Force Awakens, Rogue One and The Phantom Menace. One would tend to think that The Last Jedi can join this exclusive list based on the previous sales in the series.

No matter how all the box office totals ultimately wind up, I can promise Disney will be getting my money on December 15.

Will The Last Jedi have Highest Weekend Gross of 2017?
  • Yes -500
  • No +300
Odds as of October 10 at Sportsbook
Will The Last Jedi Exceed $1 Billion Gross?
  • Yes -600
  • No +350
Odds as of October 10 at Sportsbook