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Star Wars: The Mandalorian Betting Props

Baby Yoda has been a central figure in Star Wars: the Mandalorian. Find out the latest betting props for Star Wars: the Mandalorian.

Disney has hit a home run with Star Wars spinoff “The Mandalorian,” which premiered on the streaming service Disney+ last month. They managed to copy the marketing success of Universal Studio’s “Despicable Me” and Netflix’s “Bird Box” by creating the best source of marketing on the internet: a meme.

Baby Yoda is as cute as a minion and as memeable as Sandra Bullock in a blindfold. No matter where you go on the internet, it’s impossible to avoid seeing pictures and GIFs of the tiny green character.

The show has become such a hit that betting odds have been released at Bovada for how the rest of the season will play out.


Baby characters are all the craze

Taking a well-known and beloved character and creating a baby version of it was evidently a genius marketing move by Disney. We saw the same tactic used by Marvel when they introduced “Baby Groot” in Guardians of the Galaxy. So if something works once, why not do it again?

That’s why a prop bet has been released on if we will see another baby version of a Star Wars classic in season 1. Bovada has the odds set at +400 that a baby Chewbacca will make an appearance this season.

I don’t hate those odds, but my guess is that we are much more likely to see a baby Chewbacca in season 2 of the show after the showrunners see how much of a marketing success Baby Yoda has immediately become.

Will there be a baby chewbacca appearance in the
1st season of "the mandalorian"?


Odds as of December 4 at Bovada

Bet on it, You must

In Chapter 2 of the series, we saw Baby Yoda use The Force to help the Mandalorian kill a Mudhorn. This was a welcome surprise to many viewers as we saw for the first time that Baby Yoda is, at the very least, Force-sensitive.

Will we see Baby Yoda use The Force again this season? In what I think is the best value on the board, “yes” is listed at +150.

If Baby Yoda doesn’t use The Force again in the season finale, then why are we even watching?

will baby yoda use the force again in season 1 of
the mandalorian?


Odds as of December 4 at Bovada

The Mandalorian Mystery

Moving on from lovable non-human entities, one of the biggest mysteries in the first few episodes of the show was: “Why don’t we see the Mandalorian’s face?”

The question was answered in Chapter 4. Apparently, if a Mandalorian shows his face to another person, they are no longer considered a Mandalorian.

Does this mean we will never see the face of Pedro Pascal (the actor who plays the character) in season 1? The oddsmakers don’t think so. They have the odds set on that happening at +200.

Maybe that’s a good thing after all. I bet his face is a tough sight to see after being crushed by The Mountain.

Finally, odds are also available on whether or not we’ll see a Mandalorian movie before 2022. The question “if” there will be a movie has a pretty obvious answer as Disney is known to never leave money on the table, but the question of “when” is a little bit trickier. I would think they will let the show run for a handful of seasons before making the movie, so I think the chances of us seeing one before 2022 are pretty slim.

The oddsmakers reflect that belief, as they have the odds set at +225 that we will see one within the next two years.

will "the mandalorian" show his face in season 1?


Odds as of December 4 at Bovada

Will there be a mandalorian movie before 2022?


Odds as of December 4 at Bovada