Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un Betting Odds June 12

Will Kim Jong Un visit the White House in 2018?

When Donald Trump was elected president of the United States, many observers from afar (especially left-wingers) thought it was unbelievable that he was voted in. Little did they know that within two years of being in office, he would meet with the leader of North Korea – a feat that none of his predecessors ever managed to accomplish.

The POTUS met with Kim Jong Un in Singapore in a historic summit meeting between the two leaders and online sportsbooks are offering odds on whether they will have a similar meeting at the White House in 2018. Online shop Sportsbook has listed the odds of a Trump-Kim meeting in D.C. at -150 with the odds of it not happening coming back at +110.

How did this meeting come to pass?

This historic gathering was something that had been brewing ever since Donald Trump mentioned it on the campaign trail, adding he would “be prepared to eat a hamburger” with Kim Jong Un. After he was sworn in back in January 2017, there had been a lot of back and forth through the media and Twitter (Trump’s weapon of choice) about a potential meeting and the possibility of discussing common ground for nuclear sanctions.

This get-together at the White House seems like a foregone conclusion but the 2018 timeline should make bettors leery at the -150 price tag. When you consider how long it took for this summit in Singapore to come to fruition – it was already called off once before being set up again – and the possibility of another war of words through social media, it seems too risky to wager on Kim Jong Un coming to the United States with so many factors in play that could derail the friendly momentum.

Dennis Rodman – Hall of Famer and Matchmaker?

Since Dennis Rodman has retired from the NBA, he has engaged in – for lack of a better word – “weird” behavior. Rodman has made headlines over the years with his outlandish antics but eventually was one of the first Americans to have met Kim Jong Un, finding common ground with basketball. The NBA Hall of Famer has helped to spearhead this groundbreaking meeting between the two leaders and was also present for the summit in Singapore.

Due to Rodman’s friendship with North Korea’s leader and his ties with Trump after his time on Celebrity Apprentice, Sportsbook has posted odds on whether Rodman will also be present if Kim Jong Un participates in a meeting with Trump at the White House. The online shop’s odds are leaning toward it not being likely, listing Rodman at +1000 to visit 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with the North Korean leader.

While credit can be given to The Worm for Sportsbook the dialogue between these two nations, the next meeting between Trump and Kim may have more of a formal tone with sensitive information being discussed. It seems like a long shot that Rodman would be present but if this gathering in Singapore has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected.

Will Kim Jong un visit the White House in 2018?
  • Yes -150
  • No +110
Odds as of June 12 at Sportsbook
Will Dennis Rodman visit the White House with Kim Jong Un?
  • Yes +1000
  • No -2500
Odds as of June 12 at Sportsbook
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