Twitter IPO odds: NYSE vs NASDAQ

Twitter's planned IPO (initial public offering) has created tons of buzz and, not surprisingly, plenty of Twitter action.

But which exchange will the mega-microblogging site get listed on? Will Twitter go public before or after December 1?

As always, when the public is wondering, sportsbooks are offering odds on it. Today, online sportsbook Sportsbook offered numerous props on the pending Twitter IPO.

The most popular bet on Twitter is the pricetag of its offering. The over-under was listed at $35.50. However, that number is much different than the over-under for the price at the end of the first day of trading, which was $55.50.

The New York Stock Exchange is pegged as a -150 favorite to be the exchange chosen (over NASDAQ, a +120 underdog).

There are even prop bets on the Twitter symbol after it gets listed, with TWTR the early favorite. Check out the list, courtesy of Sportsbook today.

Twitter IPO - Which exchange will Twitter be listed under?       

NYSE -150      

NASDAQ +120     

Twitter IPO - When will Twitter trade publicly?               

Before Dec 1st, 2013 -150      

After Dec 1st, 2013 +120     

Twitter IPO - IPO Price 

Over 35½ (-115)

Under 35½ (-115)

Twitter IPO - Sportsbook Price on first day of trading            

Over  39½ (-115)

Under 39½ (-115)

Twitter IPO - Closing Price on first day of trading

Over 55½ (-115)

Under 55½ (-115)

Twitter IPO - Ticker Symbol

TWTR 5/6        

TWIT 3/1        

TWT 9/1        

TWR 9/1        

BIRD 35/1      

EGG 50/1      

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