The Democratic and Republican conventions are quickly closing in, which means we should know soon enough who the running mates of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be. The odds have been fluctuating since both Clinton and Trump became the presumptive nominees, but the field seems to be clearing up as the time to name a potential Vice President comes near.

Republican Vice President Odds

Though Trump has prided himself on being an outsider, he has openly said he wants a running mate with ties to Washington to help him accomplish change. Rumors and odds have pegged Newt Gingrich as the favorite to flank Trump in the 2016 election. Gingrich was the former speaker of the House of Representatives in the 90’s and led what has been dubbed the ‘Republican revolution’ during that time.

Joni Ernst – who is most well known for her political advertisement in which she promised to cut the pork in Washington and “make’em squeal” - has skyrocketed up the odds. However, Politico is reporting that Ernst has removed herself from the running and wishes to focus on Iowa.

There are four different potential candidates all tied for the third-highest odds. Chris Christie has become one of Trump’s closest confidants since supporting his run for the Republican nomination. Jeff Sessions was the first senator to endorse Trump and seems to share many of the same views as the mogul. Mike Pence has met with Trump and seems to be in the good graces of the nominee. Finally, Bob Corker who is currently the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and could lend an air of foreign diplomacy to Trump’s campaign.

Though Corker seems like a perfectly suitable candidate given his experience within the foreign policy sector, the Tenessee senator has taken himself out of the 'Veepstates.' 

2016 Vice President Odds - Republican
  • Newt Gingrich +150
  • Joni Ernst +250
  • Chris Christie +750
  • Jeff Sessions +750
  • Bob Corker +750
  • Mike Pence +750
  • John Kasich +2500
  • Susanna Martinez +3300
  • Jan Brewer +3300
  • Sarah Palin +3300
  • Ben Carson +6600
Odds as of July 6 at [custom:bovada-link]

Democratic Vice President Odds

Clinton’s running mate has seemingly been narrowed down to three for quite some time. Tim Kaine, Elizabeth Warren and Julian Castro have all been officially vetted by the Clinton campaign – though they were firm in saying that there are several other options. 

However, barring an absolute shocker, one of these three individuals will see their name on the ballot next to Clinton’s.

2016 Vice President Odds - Democratic
  • Tim Kaine +160
  • Elizabeth Warren +300
  • Julian Castro +500
  • Cory Booker +700
  • Sherrod Brown +750
  • Tom Perez +1000
  • Bernie Sanders +1200
  • Joe Biden +2500
  • Mark Warner +2500
  • Bill Clinton +10000
Odds as of July 6 at [custom:bovada-link]

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Archived Articles

The primary season is over and now most political pundits turn their eyes to who will be the running mates of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. We certainly have a little more concrete news surrounding who could be joining Clinton on the campaign trail, but Trump has yet to show his hand.

Odds are now up at BetOnline as to who will be on the running mate lists and who could be playing a massive role in the near future of America.

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Democratic Vice President Odds

There have been three names floating around Clinton for quite some time with Tim Kaine, Julian Castro and Elizabeth Warren as the front-runners to be the Democratic running mate. Those three candidates are all being vetted by the Clinton campaign, but they have emphasized that there is still a long list of others being looked at.

The list isn’t likely going to be narrowed down any time soon and will more likely be officially whittled down closer to the Democratic convention in July. Clinton herself has said she is looking for a VP that could step in and become President if something extreme were to happen, but many people are suggesting she is also looking for someone she is comfortable with.

2016 Vice President Odds - Democratic
  • Tim Kaine +225
  • Elizabeth Warren +325
  • Julian Castro +550
  • Tom Perez +1200
  • Bernie Sanders +1600
  • John Hickenlooper +1600
  • Cory Booker +1600
  • Sherrod Brown +1600
  • Mark Warner +2000
  • Amy Klobuchar +2000
  • Martin O’Malley +2500
Odds as of June 24 at BetOnline

Republican Vice President Odds

Attempting to predict what Donald Trump is going to do is not easy. The odds-on favorite is Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions – as he was one of Trump’s earliest supporters. Sessions has been one of the few members of the Republican Party that have seen eye-to-eye with Trump on many issues.

Close behind is Newt Gingrich – who does have plenty of experience in Washington, but has been removed from the actual political structure long enough to intrigue Trump who has always wanted to be seen as the outsider. Gingrich would basically help shore up all of Trump’s massive weaknesses stemming from his inexperience.

2016 Vice President Odds - Republican
  • Jeff Sessions +250
  • Newt Gingrich +400
  • Chris Christie +800
  • John Kasich +1000
  • Joni Ernst +1200
  • Bob Coker +1400
  • Susanna Martinez +1600
  • Scott Brown +2000
  • Ben Carson +2000
  • Jan Brewer +2500
  • Mary Fallin +2500
  • Mia Love +2500
  • Martin O’Malley +2500
Odds as of June 24 at BetOnline


With the primary season winding down and the potential presidential nominees becoming clearer, it’s time to take a serious look at possible running mates. Ted Cruz broke the ground, before suspending his campaign, by announcing that Carly Fiorina would be his vice president choice if he were to earn the nom.

Odds have hit the board at [custom:bovada-link] as to who will be getting the official nod as both the Republican and Democrat running mates.

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Democratic Vice President Odds

Julian Castro has been tabbed as the favorite to be the democratic running mate since odds hit the board at several books months ago. Castro served in the Obama administration and could give Hillary Clinton (Castro has actively campaigned for Clinton) an extra boost in his home state of Texas.

Elizabeth Warren is also rumored to be on the shortlist for Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Warren has been a long advocate of financial reform, which would certainly make her a good choice for Sanders specifically.

There have been recent rumors suggesting that Virginia Senator Tim Kaine is on the shortlist of Clinton as well. Some believe that Kaine, who has been through tough elections before and is from a southern state, could provide a huge steadiness to lean on for whoever wins the Democratic nomination.

2016 Vice President Odds - Democratic
  • Julian Castro +200
  • Elizabeth Warren +400
  • Tim Kaine +600
  • Tom Perez +800
  • Martin O’Malley +1200
  • Cory Booker +1400
  • Bernie Sanders +1400
  • Brian Schweitzer +1700
  • Sherrod Brown +2000
  • Joe Biden +2000
  • John Kerry +2500
  • Hillary Clinton +2500
  • Bill Clinton +5000
Odds as of May 5 at [custom:bovada-link]

Republican Vice President Odds

With Donald Trump locking up the Republican nomination following Ted Cruz and John Kasich's campaign suspension, all eyes turn to who will be his running mate. Following the suspension of his campaign, Kaisch has actually been listed as the co-favorite to become Trump's running mate.

Chris Christie is also co-fave, which would make sense, with the New Jersey governor being chummy with Trump since suspending his campaign.

Two intriguing candidates that may not catch the public’s eye immediately would be Susanna Martinez and Jeff Sessions. Martinez is the governor of New Mexico, a swing state, and could help the mogul make inroads into the woman and Hispanic vote. Sessions is the only member of the U.S. Senate to openly endorse Trump and the Alabama senator shares many of his hardcore beliefs.

The New York Times has reported, in a conversation with Trump, that Ben Carson will lead his VP selection committee and that he is "inclined to go with a political person."

2016 Vice President Odds - Republican
  • John Kasich +400
  • Chris Christie +400
  • Carly Fiorina +600
  • Nikki Haley +600
  • Susanna Martinez +1200
  • Marco Rubio +1200
  • Ben Carson +1400
  • Ted Cruz +1400
  • Jeff Sessions +1600
  • Paul Ryan +2500
  • Lindsay Graham +3300
  • John Thune +3000
  • Newt Gingrich +3000
  • Sarah Palin +3300
  • Scott Walker +3500
  • Condoleezza Rice +4000
  • Jeb Bush +4000
  • Mitt Romney +4000
  • Bobby Jindal +5000
  • Joe Scarborough +5000
  • Rudy Giuliani +5000
  • Rand Paul +7500
Odds as of May 5 at [custom:bovada-link]


With the presidential primaries heating up and candidates falling by the wayside, you can start to hear the grumblings on who could be in the running for potential vice presidents. Though running mates will be largely based on who the official candidates to become the next President are, there are some potential VP candidates that are starting to stand out early.

Republican Vice President Odds

Despite still being officially in the running for the Republican presidential nomination, John Kasich has the best odds to be the vice presidential nominee. Kasich, who is the Governor of Ohio, has shown that he still has some decent support after finishing second in the New Hampshire primary. Aside from being the Ohio governor, Kasich served nine terms in the House of Representatives, which included six years as the chairman of the House Budget Committee.

Closely behind Kasich is fellow presidential candidate Marco Rubio (+400). The Florida senator has seen his support dwindle as the primary season lurched forward, with his last bastion of hope coming when his home state votes March 15. 

South Carolina governor Nikki Haley is an intriguing option behind the two current presidential hopefuls. Haley is the youngest governor in America (44) and is only the second Indian American to hold the position. Lowered taxes and allocation of public funds have been staples of her platform when she ran for governor.  

Some other notable names on the list includes Chris Christie (+450), Ted Cruz (+1000) and Carly Fiorina (+2000).

Democratic Vice Present Odds

The odds list for potential Democratic vice president nominees features several faces that the general public would likely not notice. Easily the top odds belong to Julian Castro. Currently, Castro is serving in the Obama administration as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. He is an interesting potential running mate as he is one of the few that are not from the eastern part of the country, as Castro hails from Texas.

The only prospective VP within striking distance of Castro is Tim Kaine. The junior Senator for Virginia was also the chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 2009-2011. However, Kaine has never won a major election by more than five percent, so he has not overly excited Virginia voters throughout the years.

The rest of the listed VP candidates for the Democrats features a lot of experience with the likes of Elizabeth Warren (+600), Martin O’Malley (+1000) and Bernie Sanders (+1300) making appearances. 

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2016 US Vice Presidential Election – Republican
  • John Kasich +260
  • Field -380
Odds as of March 10 at 5Dimes
  • Nikki Haley +700
  • Field -1500
  • Marco Rubio +400
  • Field -600
  • Susana Martinez +2000
  • Field -6000
  • Carly Fiorina +2000
  • Field -6000
  • Chris Christie +1450
  • Field -4050
  • Ted Cruz +450
  • Field -750
  • Rob Portman +1800
  • Field -5400
2016 US Vice Presidential Election – Democratic
  • Julian Castro +255
  • Field -365
Odds as of March 10 at 5Dimes
  • Tim Kaine +500
  • Field -900
  • Elizabeth Warren +600
  • Field -1200
  • Cory Booker +1400
  • Field -3600
  • Martin O’Malley +1000
  • Field -2000
  • Bernie Sanders +1300
  • Field -3000
  • Mark Warner +2000
  • Field -6000
  • Deval Patrick +1700
  • Field -5100
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