Why Aren't More People Betting on Hillary?

OK, so Hillary Clinton is -1000 to win the Democratic nomination for President and -8000 to win the South Carolina primary. 

But the price gets a whole lot more tempting with Presidential election odds, where Clinton is set as low as even money. That's a 100 percent return on your wager if she wins.

With all her momentum lately, it would be logical to think books are seeing a wave of action on her. Except they aren't, really.   

“Clinton to win (the Presidential election) would be our best result. Actually, it would be our only good result,” says Kevin Bradley, sports book manager for Sportsbook. 

That usually doesn’t always happen with futures odds, where the outright favorite tends to attract action because, well, there's usually a good reason they're favored.  

In Clinton's case it feels like everything you read these days says Clinton is on her way to becoming the Democratic nominee because of her advantage with the superdelegates. And with the Democrats favored between -150 and -165 at most books to be the party that ends up in the White House, why isn’t Clinton getting more love from bettors?  

“I don’t know,” says Bradley. “When you get stuff like this, people like to go for the big payout. We had Trump at 150-1 when we first posted odds on this around a year-and-a-half ago. Every $10 is $1,500 – it doesn’t take big money for that to add up pretty quickly.” 

Donald Trump is the candidate that all sportsbooks are praying doesn’t become the next president. Not because they have any party affiliation but because the avalanche of money on him has him bet down all the way to +250 at Sportsbook ($100 to win $250).  

Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders has also seen a lot of action since the New Hampshire primary and nearly pulled off a win in Iowa. He now sits between 4-1 and 6-1 to win the Democratic nomination and Bradley says a Sanders-Trump matchup for the presidency would be the worst outcome for the book, a matchup set at 7-1 at Sportsbook.  

Clinton-Rubio would be the best matchup for Sportsbook, Bradley says, and odds at Sportsbook would suggest that’s not out of the question. Sportsbook has that set at +150, which is the second favorite in matchup odds next to Clinton-Trump at -110. 

Clinton stole a ton of momentum back from Sanders when she trounced at the Nevada caucuses this past Saturday with 32.8 percent of the vote and 19 delegates to Sanders’ 11. Going into Saturday Clinton was set at just -140 odds to win Nevada, a steal of a deal in retrospect.   

“We are going to need Hillary big,” says Bradley. 

If she doesn’t win, it will mean a significant hit for the book. And 'significant' is no understatement. Bradley says there has been at least twice as much action on this election compared to the last one.