Powerball Jackpot

Will There be a Powerball Jackpot Winner?

Your chances of winning the lottery are basically slim to none, but if gambling on other people gambling is your thing, then you have the chance to turn a profit simply by predicting if the massive Powerball Jackpot will be won.

Online sportsbook Sportsbook has released odds on whether or not there will be a Sportsbook on the January 13 draw, with Yes at -650 and No at +450. Your odds of actually winning the jackpot are estimated at approximately 292 million to 1.

The Jackpot is continuing to grow and has reached an estimated $1.4 billion as of Monday afternoon. You could buy a lot of lottery tickets with that kind of money!

Will there be a Powerball Jackpot Sportsbook on January 13th, 2016?
  • Yes -650
  • No +450
Odds as of January 13 at Sportsbook