Riot Games released the schedule for the League of Legends Worlds play-in stage, which will stretch from October 1-7.

2018 League of Legends World Championship Play-In Betting Odds

The League of Legends World Championships will kick off on October 1 with the play-in stages. The play-in stages consist of four groups of three with the Sportsbook of each moving on to the group stages, which begin on October 10.

You can find the full schedule for the play-in stage here. But keep in mind, these games will take place in South Korea, so it will require many late nights/early mornings to catch them live. 

There are odds for each of the four play-in stages with Edward Gaming, G2 Esports, Cloud9 and G-Rex favored in their respective groups per Sportsbook. 

Let’s take a quick gander at each group to see if we can find any value for esports bettors.

Group A

It is basically a foregone conclusion that Edward Gaming is winning this play-in group. In fact, most people are already theorizing which group EDG will end up in, come the next round of play. Plus, history suggests that the top seeds will dominate the play-in groups.

Some bettors who are not familiar with the LoL scene might see EDG’s middling record in the LPL – the Chinese league – but being OK in China still means you are better than 90 percent of the world. Specifically, you look at Dire Wolves and Infinity and you can’t see how any of them deal with Scout in the mid lane for EDG.

Barring a miracle, EDG cruises to the victory and heads to the group stages later in October where they belong. But for bettors, not much value here.

LoL 2018 Worlds Play-in Group A Sportsbook
Team Odds
Edward Gaming -10000
Dire Wolves +1600
Infinity +5000

Odds as of September 26 at Sportsbook

Group B

G2 is the -1000 favorite, which should not be a surprise considering how hot they were down the stretch in the EULCS. Since dropping their playoff series to Team Misfits, G2 has won six of eight maps with jungler Jankos absolutely dominating in the regional finals.

Don’t be shocked if SuperMassive is a tough out, though. The Turkish qualifiers are clearly the best team from that region and have a stud bot laner in Zeitnot. Though many people likely have not heard of Zeitnot, the Turkish player flashed elite skills in his lane during MSI this year.

SuperMassive might be able to pull off the miracle run but bot lane is not as heavily emphasized in this meta as it was previously. G2 has the depth all over and SuperMassive will have no answer for Jankos – and neither will Ascension Gaming.

LoL 2018 Worlds Play-in Group B Sportsbook
Team Odds
G2 -1000
SuperMassive +600
Ascension Gaming +5000

Odds as of September 26 at Sportsbook

Group C

Cloud9 doesn’t feel overly sexy this year but the team is consistent and is familiar with playing in important games – the margin of error in the NALCS was slight. And though they got swept in the summer split finals, C9 cruised in the regionals. Jensen, Sneaky and Blaber finished in the top three in KDA during the regionals – with Jensen in particular crushing in the mid lane. 

KaBuM! is not a team to overlook. They look young on paper but they have been playing together for an extended period of time and the Brazilian roster feels like they need to prove something. Though mid laner Dynquedo played amazing in his home country, you wonder what he will do if he is not allowed to use Zoe or Yasuo.

Betting on the ground as a whole might not be worth it – C9 should win without too much issue – I’d keep an eye on the line for KaBuM! Vs DetonatioN FocusMe. Though the DetonatioN roster might not be able to go head-to-head in solo lanes with KaBuM! their play from Steal and viviD in jungler and as support could lead to an upset.

LoL 2018 Worlds Play-in Group C Sportsbook
Team Odds
Cloud9 -1667
KaBuM! +1000
DetonatioN FocusMe +2500

Odds as of September 26 at Sportsbook

Group D

This is the group bettors need to be looking at. G-Rex is by far the weakest No. 1 seed in the play-in groups. They were mediocre at best during the LMS summer split and then went on a miracle run in the regional finals. Raise played the best LoL of his career, flying all over the map to bolster a surging group, but should you really expect that to continue?

Gambit has gotten bad draw after bad draw at international events and this is the first time they really have a chance to make a run. The clear beast team in Russia are mostly elder statesmen at this point in the LoL scene but that is not a bad thing in a play-in group with so many question marks. Their Ezreal play alone might give Gambit a shot at winning this group.

If you are going to back any underdogs to win groups during the play-in groups, you take Gambit. Hell, Kaos Latin Gamers have a better chance to win this group than anyone in the other three – even though I expect them to finish last. Gambit at +275 is the best play of the entire LoL play-in stage.

LoL 2018 Worlds Play-in Group D Sportsbook
Team Odds
G-Rex -250
Gambit +275
Kaos Latin Gamers +1000

Odds as of September 26 at Sportsbook