Fresh off the immense success of Friday Fortnite and Minecraft Mondays, popular internet personality KEEMSTAR is back as the host of Warzone Wednesdays, a weekly Call of Duty: Warzone tournament featuring some of the biggest names in esports.

As a result, betting odds are out for the first week of the high-profile event, courtesy of [custom:bovada-link]. It’s a tie at the top of the oddsboard between the teams of Ninja, Crimsix & Sypher PK and Avalanche100T, Classify & Froste at +275 apiece. Rounding out the top five are TylerTeeP, NoahJ456 & aydan (+300), nadeshot, cloakzy & CouRageJD (+350) and SwaggerSouls,Goodguyfritz & GreekGodX (+500).

Warzone’s Popularity is Skyrocketing

Warzone has been praised by fans for its fast-paced action and new Gulag respawn system, which pits two recently deceased players against each other in a one-on-one clash for the right to return to the game.

Given the popularity of Activision’s latest battle royale tilt, it makes sense for KEEMSTAR to set his sights on the free-to-play game. While the event will take place on Wednesdays going forward, the first edition is getting underway on Tuesday, March 24, at 4 p.m. ET.

$20,000 is on the Line Weekly

The tournament is slated to run every week with a $20,000 prize pool. “The biggest streams, the biggest online entertainers, athletes, rappers, entertainers across the globe compete,” KEEMSTAR said in the announcement video.

KEEMSTAR hasn’t hosted a tournament since last October due to issues with hackers. Unlike Minecraft, Warzone uses a system that makes it significantly harder for players to cheat.

Entertainment options are few and far between across the world right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the majority of the population urged to stay at home and social-distance from the general public, it’s safe to say Warzone Wednesdays will be a hit.

Which squad do you think is going to emerge triumphant in the first week of Warzone Wednesdays? Have your say in the comment section below. For more video game betting content, head over to our esports page.

Odds to Win Week 1 of Warzone Wednesdays
Team Odds
Ninja/Crimsix/SypherPK +275
Avalanche100T/Classify/Froste +275
TylerTeeP/NoahJ456/aydan +300
nadeshot/cloakzy/CouRageJD +350
SwaggerSouls/Goodguyfritz/GreekGodX +500
joshOG/husKerrs/disegosaurs +500
Avxry/TypicalGamer/72hrs +600
BasiccalyIDoWrk/Drift0r/Daithidenogla +750
Vikkstar123/Itz_WarsZ/ProSyndicate +900
Summit1g/clayster/? +900
HighDistortion/NICKMERCS/Swagg +1200
Lilyachti/ugly/prooFJC +1400
dizzy/felo/trainwreckstv +1500
KingRichard/Mendo/aimbotcalvin +1600
castro1021/LossPollos/bateson87 +2500

Odds as of March 24 at Bovada

Odds to be on the winning team
Player Odds
Nickmercs +250
Ninja +250
Aydan +250
Summit1G +300
NoisyButters +350
Drif0r +350
Avxry +375
CouRage +450
Classify +500
TeeP +500
Dakatz +750
Avalanche +850
TSM Chica +200
Xqc +2000
Fittz +2000
Froste +2500
TypicalGamer +2500
Karma +2500
JoshOG +2000
Preston Plays +3000
MCCreamy +3300

Odds as of March 24 at Bovada

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