Elite-level Counter-Strike returns with DreamHack Open Summer and BIG enters the tournament as the favorite. The German squad quickly rose to the top of the HLTV world rankings thanks to their results in June and July – but can they keep it up?

BIG seemingly came out of nowhere to win DreamHack Masters Spring and CS_Summit 6, with huge odds like +235 in the DreamHack grand final showing just how much of an underdog they were. Let’s take a look at some of their most impressive results and examine whether it’s worth wagering on them going forward.

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How BIG’s dominant form started

BIG shocked the scene with their incredible performances from mid-June to early July, taking down some of the best teams in the world after looking very shaky. The team entered DreamHack Masters Spring playoffs coming off a 2-0 loss to Sprout in the German CS:GO championship. This was quite a huge upset as BIG entered as the heavy favorite.

BIG had experience, raw skill and better strategies all going for them but still crumbled to a team that was barely in the top 50 at the time.

The loss seemed to wake the team up and everything clicked. From perfect teamwork to each player stepping up individually, the team looked unstoppable. BIG went on to win 13 of the next 17 matches and took home two trophies. Johannes “tabseN” Wodarz, Florian “syrsoN” Rische and Ismailcan “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş became the stars of the show, and every team grew to fear them.

How have BIG’s odds shifted?

Going back to the DreamHack Masters group stage, we can see just how much of an underdog BIG was initially. In their opening match against MAD Lions, BIG came in at +115 odds. In their following match against a very out-of-form Mousesports, the Germans were still underdogs at +110, and they had the same odds against Complexity in the group decider.

They faced their toughest competition in the playoffs, where they took on FaZe Clan and G2 Esports twice. They came in as underdogs, even after dominating FaZe 2-0 in their first match, and eventually saw odds of +235 to win the grand final against G2 – which they managed to win in spectacular fashion.

This event saw BIG leap from No. 24 to No. 8 in the world rankings, but they were not done yet. When CS_Summit 6 rolled around at the end of June, BIG was already starting to see their odds rise.

This time when they faced Complexity, they came in as the favorites with odds of -150. They later battled FaZe at the same odds, even though BIG had been a large underdog just two weeks earlier.

They once again entered the grand final of the event as underdogs, albeit because they were starting with a one-map handicap, but still defeated Team Vitality at odds of +170 to take home the trophy.

Now BIG stands at the top of the world and is favored to win DreamHack Open Summer Europe. They come in at +275 odds on Bovada for the whole event. Meanwhile, their opening match is set to be as one-sided as they get, with BIG being a favorite of -1400 or higher against Endpoint at some books. 

BIG Recent Betting Record
Big Closing Line Opponent Win/Loss Event
+115 MAD Lions W Dreamhack Masters Spring
+110 mousesports W Dreamhack Masters Spring
+110 Complexity Gaming W Dreamhack Masters Spring
+165 FaZe Clan W Dreamhack Masters Spring
+120 G2 L Dreamhack Masters Spring
+140 FaZe Clan W Dreamhack Masters Spring
+235 G2 W Dreamhack Masters Spring
-575 HAVU Gaming W cs_summit 6
-150 Complexity Gaming W cs_summit 6
-145 FaZe Clan W cs_summit 6
-365 OG L cs_summit 6
-150 FaZe Clan W cs_summit 6
-335 GODSENT W cs_summit 6
-145 Fnatic W cs_summit 6
-125 Team Vitality L cs_summit 6
-295 OG W cs_summit 6
+170 Team Vitality W cs_summit 6

Odds courtesy of Bovada

Over their last two major tournaments, BIG has closed as the underdog on eight occasions, going 7-1 in those outings. While being tabbed as the favorites in that same time span, BIG has gone 6-2.

Should you bet on BIG to keep winning?

It’s all well and good for BIG to be favorites, but the biggest question every bettor will be asking themselves is: Should I bet on BIG?

There’s always a bit of an unknown element with CS:GO matches, but the answer is most likely yes. BIG’s stars have been performing incredibly well and may even be the three best players in the world currently.

The team also has some of the best teamwork and synergy in the world – you’ll very often see their stars setting each other up, with amazing utility that most other teams have not managed to organize as well just yet.

They should be able to take DreamHack Open Summer quite convincingly thanks to their incredible skills. Not to mention, most of the highest-level teams aren’t attending the event, with Complexity being the second-highest ranked at No. 10. This will be a good starting event for BIG and it’ll be easy to judge their form going into the rest of August.

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