Astralis favored to win DreamHack Open

Astralis Favored to win DreamHack Open Fall

Another huge Counter-Strike tournament is just around the corner as DreamHack Open Fall kicks off on October 15, with 16 of Europe’s best battling it out.

The event is set to be bigger than usual, with four groups and a double-elimination playoff spanning 10 days. This, of course, means a ton of exciting matches and a variety of wagering options.

Who’s Playing at DreamHack Open Fall?

It’s 16 of Europe’s best at DreamHack in October, with the usual favorites like Astralis, Heroic and Vitality making an appearance, as well as some up-and-comers in Sprout, Endpoint and Godsent.

There’s a high likelihood of some upsets and some very exciting groups to look forward to. With four groups, only two teams advance from each, so all it takes is one bad game for a favorite to potentially go out early.

You can check out each group and each team’s odds to win their group below:

Group A

Odds to Win DreamHack Open Fall Group A
Team Odds
Vitality +150
Mousesports +200
OG +250
Fnatic +500

Odds as of October 13 at Sportsbook

Group B

Odds to Win DreamHack Open Fall Group B
Team Odds
Astralis -143
Heroic +250
G2 +320
Endpoint +1300

Odds as of October 13 at Sportsbook

Group C

Odds to Win DreamHack Open Fall Group C
Team Odds
FaZe +100
BIG +150
Godsent +500
sAw +800

Odds as of October 13 at Sportsbook

Group D

Odds to Win DreamHack Open Fall Group D
Team Odds
Ninjas in Pyjamas +100
Sprout +200
ENCE +400
North +600

Odds as of October 13 at Sportsbook

Who will survive the group of death?

With so many high-ranked teams, we were bound to see one group be the group of death. At DreamHack, it’s Group B, where Astralis, Heroic, G2 and Endpoint face off.

That’s right, the current No. 1 and No. 2 teams (Astralis and Heroic respectively) find themselves in one group, joined by G2, which could either be the best or worst in the world, depending entirely on the event.

Astralis and Heroic enter as the obvious favorites for this group, however, it’s not all cut and dried. G2 can be absolute world-beaters on their day, and after a string of poor results, it’s about time for another G2 miracle. Even Endpoint has a shot to at least make some noise, as they come into the event on an impressive eight-match winning streak.

We’ll have to see how it plays out, but I wouldn’t count out the underdogs in this group just yet.

Can Vitality finally win another trophy?

Vitality is definitely one of the teams to watch at this event. They’re a constant force in elite-level Counter-Strike, finishing on the podium in the majority of the events they’ve played in recent months.

In fact, in the last four months, they’ve played at six events and finished in the top three in five of them. However, only one of those was a first place, dating all the way back to the start of June.

They’ve been impressive and have been consistently challenging the best, but can they finally do it here and claim another trophy?

Has FaZe figured it out?

FaZe enters the tournament as a bit of a mystery. The team seemed down and out, with a string of disappointing finishes creating rumors of roster moves and even a collapse of the team.

They crashed out of ESL Pro League in 14th among 16 teams and looked to be dead in the water going into IEM New York just a week ago. However, they somehow pulled off a miraculous run, losing only two maps on their way to a trophy they were the biggest underdogs to win.

Going into DreamHack Open Fall, it’s very difficult to judge the team. Have they figured out how to become a force to be reckoned with, or was it just a fluke win? Only time will tell, although the bookmakers do seem fairly confident in them.

Odds to Win DreamHack Open Fall
Team Odds
Astralis +250
FaZe +400
Vitality +500
Heroic +550
BIG +600
G2 +650
OG +700
Mousesports +800
Fnatic +1100
Ninjas in Pyjamas +1500
Sprout +1900
Godsent +2400
ENCE +2900
North +3400
Endpoint +3900
sAw +4900

Odds as of October 13 at Sportsbook