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FaZe Clan, Outsiders Favorites to Win BLAST Premier World Final

The 2022 BLAST Premier Final will take place December 14-18 at the Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi after a long season of BLAST tournaments held throughout the year. Only the eight best teams in CS:GO will be participating in this prestigious tournament, each capable of beating the other on a good day. This makes it hard to predict the BLAST Premier Final title odds, but that’s the best part about tournaments like this.

FaZe Clan (+300) is ahead of the pack for now, but Outsiders (+333), Heroic (+400), Natus Vincere (+450) and company are no slouches, as is well known. There’s a lot at stake for the winning team – not only will the team end the year as the best team in competitive CS:GO, but they will also win $500,000 from an overall prize pool of $1 million. The second-placed team will get $250,000.

It won’t be easy, of course. The teams will first have to go through a difficult group stage. The winners of the groups will go directly into the semifinals – which gives teams an incentive to start strong – but other teams will get plenty of chances to join them and grow their way into the season.

Make sure to check out our guide on How to Bet on CS:GO and let’s take a look at the event in more detail.

Who Are The Betting Favorites In The BLAST Premier Final Outright Odds?

Odds to Win Blast Premier World Final
FaZe Clan+300
Natus Vincere+450
Team Vitality+600
Team Liquid+900
G2 Esports+1000

Odds as of December 5 at Sportsbook

Favorites To Win In The BLAST Premier Final Title Odds

FaZe Clan (+300)

FaZe won the PGL Antwerp Major in May this year and was the No. 1-ranked team in the world for some time, but they head into this tournament as the No. 3-ranked side in the world.

However, that hasn’t stopped them from heading the BLAST Premier Final title odds table. They’ve been on a good run of form, but were on the losing side in their last match to one of the other major contenders, Heroic. It shows how tight things are between the top teams in CS:GO esports. FaZe isn’t the undisputed best in this competition, but they’re still the team to beat.

Outsiders (+333)

Outsiders had a tough start to the season, with the team formerly known as having to go through a name-changing procedure before being allowed to compete in CS:GO again. This was just one of the changes the team underwent, but they have come out of this period very strongly.

They won the recent IEM Rio Major by beating Heroic in the final, and head into this event with a lot of positive momentum. They are now the second-ranked team in the world and possibly the most in-form. They go into the tournament with a six-game winning streak. Some of the difficulties they have had to navigate might have hardened them a bit more. No team will enjoy facing them in this tournament, and they’ve rightly got such favorable BLAST Premier Final title odds.

Value Picks To Win In The BLAST Premier Final Outright Odds

Heroic (+400)

They are the best-ranked team in the world, and it is incredibly tempting to bet on the value they provide with these odds. The reason they aren’t at the top of the BLAST Premier Final title odds table is pretty straightforward. They haven’t been the best-ranked team for most of the year and they’ve not always performed in the majors.

They have, however, consistently performed in the BLAST tournaments. Something seems to always click for them, and their performances in these tournaments have helped them get that No. 1 position. They now have a great chance to cement their status as the best team of the year.

Natus Vincere (+450)

Not too long ago, Natus Vincere would’ve been close to the top of the BLAST Premier Final title odds table, or among the top three teams in the world rankings, but they’ve had a slight decline this season by their high standards.

It has been a challenging year for this side, which comprises Ukrainian and Russian members, but they’ve managed to power through to make it this far. In S1mple, they have one of the best talents that the scene has to offer, and if he’s in the mood, he can take the game away within seconds.

Betting Strategy for Winners of the BLAST Premier Final

The BLAST Premier Final 2022 looks like a straight shootout between the four teams that have been covered, but it would also not be very surprising if one of them gets knocked out prematurely. That’s just how competitive this esport is, and it shows how little there is between the best.

Outsiders have all the momentum, Heroic has the consistency, FaZe has the expectations and Natus Vincere has the most devastating individual. Your bet should be defined by what you value most out of those.

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