DreamHack Open November 2021 Teams

Ence Favored To Win CS:GO DreamHack Open November

While major action is still on, Counter-Strike doesn’t plan to slow down any time soon after, with DreamHack Open November continuing competitive action from November 10 to 14.

The event is a bit of a minor one, when compared to the premium competition we’ve been seeing lately, but it will still be exciting all the same. Top European sides will be battling it out at this tournament, with not only $100,000 on the line but also a key ESL Pro League Season 15 Conference spot.

Make sure to check out our guide on How to Bet on CS:GO and let’s take a look at the event in more detail.

Who’s Playing At DreamHack Open November?

This event has just eight teams participating and all of them are a step below the absolute best. Ence enters as the favorite, coming in as the highest-ranking team at No. 7 on the HLTV rankings. They’re joined by fellow major competitors Mouz, BIG and Spirit, as well as other notable squads like Fnatic, MAD Lions, Forze and GamerLegion.

There are definitely a few interesting squads to watch here, from squads looking to bounce back from major elimination, to Fnatic’s new and undefeated British lineup, and the rising stars of GamerLegion.

Meanwhile, the event is a fairly standard one. The teams start in two groups of four, played in a GSL-style format (meaning teams are eliminated after two losses), and two teams advance to a four-team, single-elimination playoff. There is one small difference from the usual event, as the grand final will be a lengthy best-of-five, instead of a best-of-three.

Odds to Win DreamHack Open November
Team Spirit+900
MAD Lions+1800

Odds as of November 3

Could The ‘Post-Major Shuffle’ Affect This Event?

After every Counter-Strike major, the scene enters what is referred to as the “post-major shuffle.” This means that based on their performance (or even failure to qualify), teams are looking to shake up their rosters.

For some, this means star players leaving, while for others it means moving a few pieces around to make a lineup really work. Generally, teams that perform below expectations make some moves, while teams that do well try to stick together, or make minimal changes at most.

With this event coming just three days after the major, there may not be many changes yet. However, it’s always possible something will happen, which could turn a team on its head. For example, Team Spirit has already announced that they are dropping their roster. This could put pressure on the players to perform well at this event, as they are essentially in the shop window – they need a new organization to represent and some teams could make their decision based on their performance here.

Ence Looks To Bounce Back From Early Major Elimination

Ence will be looking to get back to winning ways after a somewhat disappointing major performance, as they bowed out with a 0-3 scoreline in the Legends stage, finishing dead last.

Expectations were not too high for Ence, but such an early elimination was definitely unexpected. They barely put up a fight, dropping maps to both Liquid and Mouz, two other teams who also faced early elimination.

They’ll definitely be looking to show what they’re made of here and hopefully bounce back with a strong performance.

Is Mouz The Real Favorite?

Mouz comes in as the third choice to win on, behind favorites Ence and BIG. However, based on major performances and recent results, it’s possible they’re being a little underestimated.

The underdogs managed to finish above both Ence and BIG at the major, while eliminating both teams in crucial best-of-three matches, winning 2-0 and 2-1 respectively. There is a bit of uncertainty surrounding the roster, with star player Ropz being touted to leave the squad, while Awper acor has been on the receiving end of a huge wave of criticism after a string of poor performances.

It’s possible that we may not even see the same Mouz squad at DreamHack Open, or even if we do, they may be deflated knowing some team changes are coming. However, they may also decide to stick together, or even aim to go out with a bang – and considering some of their recent performances, they definitely have what it takes to win here.