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evil geniuses eg dreamhack open summer betting

Elite North American Counter-Strike is back from August 8 to 16 as eight of the best teams in the region battle it out at DreamHack Open Summer. This event marks the end of the player break, much to the joy of fans and bettors alike, who can now look forward to the highest level of CS:GO action.

Who’s Playing at DreamHack Open Summer North America?

Eight of North America’s best battle it out at the event. Most notably, Evil Geniuses, Team Liquid and Furia are present. All three teams rank in the top 10 in the world, with Evil Geniuses topping the pack in third place.

You can check out the full list of teams and their odds to win it below:

Odds to win DreamHack Open Summer North America
Team Odds
Evil Geniuses +300
Furia Esports +350
Team Liquid +350
100 Thieves +600
Gen.G Esports +600
Cloud9 +1000
Triumph +1600
Ze Pug Godz +2500

Odds as of August 4 at Bovada

Can Evil Geniuses continue their run?

Before the player break, Evil Geniuses was the team to beat in North America. They had won two events in a row, sweeping aside their biggest rivals, Liquid and Furia, like it was nothing.

The biggest question on everyone’s mind will be “Can they keep it up?” Over a month of break is a very long time in Counter-Strike. Players’ form changes, tactics are adjusted, strategies are perfected and, with Evil Geniuses on top, many will be focusing on overthrowing them.

As such, they enter the event as very slight favorites, with odds of +300 to win it on Bovada while Furia and Liquid are close behind at +350. The uncertainty of the players’ form makes Evil Geniuses’ chances somewhat unpredictable and we’ll have to wait and see just how the break has treated them.

What does the new Team Liquid look like?

Team Liquid announced a very unexpected roster change on July 28, with veteran Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella stepping down. So far a replacement hasn’t been confirmed, but many expect it to be a player who can bring more firepower to the table.

With just over a week until the event, the team will not have much time to practice with a new player. This could mean that they come in somewhat shaky, or they may be lifted by a new presence. Either way, they enter the tournament with one of the biggest unknown elements.

The team was already very strong before the change, so with a new player, they may soar to new heights and take the event, or be stuck in a rough adjustment period.

Can Gen.G Esports cause an upset?

2020 has been a great year for Gen.G’s CS:GO roster. The team molded together very well and climbed to the top of the North American scene.

They’ve been competing with the best in the region and have always caused trouble for them, but rarely pulled through to actually take home a premier event. Before the break, they managed to take down Evil Geniuses at DreamHack Masters Spring, but then fell to Liquid and were eliminated. In the next event, they took out Liquid but fell to Evil Geniuses in the grand final.

Gen.G has shown they can do it, but they haven’t quite managed to do it all in one event. Can they finally show everyone what they’re made of and take home the DreamHack Open Summer trophy?

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