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How to Wager On CS:GO Prop Bets

Wagering on esports is slowly becoming more and more popular as sportsbooks continue to integrate it into their systems, with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive being by far the most popular option.

While moneyline, OVER/UNDER and spread betting are some of the more readily available choices, prop bets have started picking up steam, giving bettors an entertaining way to wager on the game.

But if you need to know the basics about CS:GO and the more straightforward types of betting, you can check out our How to Bet on CS:GO article.

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What are CS:GO Prop Bets?

Prop bets, also known as proposition bets, are wagers based on certain events in the game that may not even affect the outcome of the match.

In traditional sports, this might be something like how many rebounds a player will grab in a basketball game or how many strikeouts a pitcher will have in a baseball contest. However, things are a little different in CS:GO and it can be difficult to understand all the different props, especially if you’re new to the game.

Here are some examples of the most common prop bets in CS:GO:

CS:GO Round Prop Bets

Each match of Counter-Strike is played over a certain number of maps, which are comprised of a maximum of 30 rounds. As such, one team wins once they reach 16, or gain a four-round lead in overtime. Overtime happens if there is a 15-15 tie in regulation. 

One of the most common prop bets comes with round totals, where bettors can pick UNDER or OVER a certain number of rounds. This kind of bet will usually look something like this:

Fnatic vs BIG: Total Rounds (Map 1)

OVER 26.5 -120

UNDER 26.5 -110

So, if you believed that the first map of the series would be incredibly close, you would choose OVER, and if the match went to 27 or more rounds, you’d win. On the other hand, if 26 or fewer rounds were played, you would lose.

It’s also possible to bet on specific rounds in a match, with the two pistol rounds (the first and 15th rounds) being the most popular options. This is because these rounds signify the start of each half of a map. At the start of a half, players will always start with predictable, basic weaponry.

CS:GO Kills Prop Bets

When it comes down to it, Counter-Strike is all about eliminating the enemy team. This is often the most exciting part of the game, so of course it’s possible to make some prop wagers on it.

These are usually split into a few different options, based on the types and number of kills.

What are CS:GO Total Kills Prop Bets?

One of the most popular markets here is the total kills in a specific round. There are five players on each team, making a total of 10 players in the server. Sometimes rounds end with just one surviving, and other times even eight or nine survive.

Usually, this option will be an OVER/UNDER situation, much like total rounds, with 7.5 being the most common number. For example, in a match between Ence and G2 Esports, it could look like this:

Ence vs G2 Esports: Map 1 Round 1 Total Kills (7.5)

OVER +110

UNDER -150

This would mean that if eight or more kills happened, the OVER would win, while seven or less would mean the UNDER wins.

Types of CS:GO Kill Prop Bets

Another prop wager bettors can make is on the type of kill. Usually, this is based on an entire map and there is quite a selection. You may be thinking that Counter-Strike is a shooting game, so obviously it’s all shooting.

However, there are more options. These are:

  • HE Grenade kills
  • Molotov kills
  • Zeus x27 kills
  • Knife kills

Of these, the HE Grenade and Molotov are fairly common, as they are utility grenades that teams frequently buy and throw across the map. Meanwhile, the Zeus x27 (a taser) and knife are extremely rare when it comes to kills, as they are very short range. Imagine how difficult it would be to use a taser, or a knife, on someone in a game when they have a long-ranged gun.

The odds for these generally look something like this:

Ence vs G2 Esports:

Map 1 HE Grenade kill: Yes (-285) / No (+195)

Map 1 Molotov kill: Yes (-165) / No (+120)

Map 1 Zeus x27 kill: Yes (+800)

Map 1 Knife kill: Yes (+600) / No (-1430)

As you can see, there are usually quite balanced odds on HE Grenade and Molotov kills, but when it comes to knife and Zeus kills, it’s really rare.

CS:GO Rounds Prop Bets

While kills are a key part of Counter-Strike, we can’t forget about the other objective of the game, the bomb. In every round, one side will try to plant the bomb, while the other will defend areas and attempt to defuse it if necessary.

This is where “rounds won by” prop bets come in. Rounds are decided by one of eliminations, bomb defuses and explosions, or the clock running out.

Usually, eliminations aren’t on offer, but you can still wager on the number of explosions, defuses and time running out. This is done much like the other types of prop bets, with an OVER/UNDER selection.

How to Make a Live CS:GO Prop Bet

Live betting is incredibly popular in traditional sports, and you can find it in CS:GO as well. You’ll usually be able to make bets on total rounds and specific rounds, similar to what is mentioned above.

The key difference will be the shift in odds and amounts. For example, a match between Fnatic and BIG may have started out with OVER or UNDER 26.5 rounds on map 1 as an option, but one of the teams managed an incredible start, and it may shift to 20.5 for the same odds. In that case, it’s up to bettors to decide if the dominant team will continue winning, or if there will be a comeback.

You can easily find the odds for live matches on your favorite sportsbook’s live section, as CS:GO matches are instantly updated. If you’re unsure which Sportsbook to choose for esports, check out our detailed list.

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