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Quincy Crew, Evil Geniuses Co-Faves To Win DPC North America Finals

Season 1 of North America’s 2022 Dota Pro Circuit is set to wrap up from February 18-20 with the regional finals. It’s a pretty short tournament with just four teams and three days of matches, but still well worth checking out.


The regional finals are a new event in Dota 2, taking place instead of a major, which is an international event that brings together all the best teams from each region. This season’s major was canceled, so the finals came in as a replacement to give us a little bit more Dota.

If you’re new to the game or just want to brush up on it, make sure to check out our Dota 2 betting guide, and let’s take a look at the regional finals in a little more detail.

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Who’s Playing At The Dota Pro Circuit North America Regional Finals?

As mentioned, the regional finals will see just four teams participating: Quincy Crew, Evil Geniuses, TSM and 4 Zoomers. These are the top four teams of the regular season, having earned their spot after six weeks of competitive action.

The main aim of these finals is to distribute DPC points to the best teams in the region. These are points that teams gather throughout the competitive season, allowing them to qualify to the game’s world championship, The International, based on the overall ranking. There’s also a not too shabby $100,000 prize pool in play.

When it comes to the event itself, it’s pretty quick and easy. The teams play through a double-elimination playoff bracket, meaning two series losses spell elimination, with best-of-three matches and a best-of-five final. Initial matches are seeded based on regular-season results.


Odds To Win DPC North America Finals

Odds to Win DPC North america finals
Team Odds
Evil Geniuses +175
Quincy Crew +175
TSM +225
4 Zoomers +1400

Odds as of January 31 at Sportsbook

Quincy Crew and Evil Geniuses Battle For North American Crown

As is North American Dota 2 tradition, Quincy Crew and Evil Geniuses are set for another battle for the top of the region. The two teams have been head and shoulders above the competition in NA for a long time and the bookmakers back them to continue to be so.

Both teams enter at +175 to win the regional finals, representing implied odds of 36.36 percent on our Super Calculator, and all signs point to the two teams meeting in the grand final. For a bit of Dota 2 history, the two teams have been battling back and forth for first place at DPC events in the region for a long time, with no other teams coming close to them.


Evil Geniuses are by far the more renowned of the two, having as an organization won The International in the past and seen success over the last few years, placing very well at multiple international events. Quincy Crew, meanwhile, has lived in EG’s shadow. They’re by no means a poor team, but Evil Geniuses are simply always one step ahead: QC makes an impressive showing at a major and EG is there to one-up them and make it to the grand finals. Something like that always happens.

Things are a bit closer regionally, with Quincy Crew having placed first over the regular season, in part due to Evil Geniuses playing with a substitute. However, when the two meet in a proper tournament setting, EG always comes out ahead.

The main reason we see the two tied as favorites is due to Evil Geniuses playing with a substitute. On paper, their core players are better and more experienced, but the team is not quite the same with a sub. This may be a chance for Quincy Crew to clinch a spot at the top of North American Dota and due to the roster situation, it’s very hard to separate the two teams.


Will TSM Signing Give Team An Extra Boost?

While the two top dogs are the focal point of the regional finals show, TSM enters as a potential dark horse. Having recently picked up the Team Undying roster, TSM is a new face in Dota 2, but a welcome one in a struggling North American scene.

We’ve only really seen the top two teams be competitive, while others are left in the dust. However, this roster has been slowly closing the gap and seems to have finally been rewarded with the backing of a professional organization.


In fact, this season TSM finished in second place, dismantling Evil Geniuses in a tiebreaker match. Again, this could come down to EG playing with a substitute, but it was an impressive result regardless.

Now, it comes down to TSM to show they can battle it out with the big boys. They need to not only take down EG once again in the playoffs, but also best Quincy Crew, a team they’ve never defeated. It’ll be tough for the underdogs, but there’s definitely dark-horse potential here, especially with the recent TSM acquisition adding a little wind to their sails.

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Are 4 Zoomers Just The Best of the Rest?

Last but not least we need to look at 4 Zoomers, the fourth-placed squad. Coming in at +1400, it seems they’re a real long shot to win and that’s exactly the case. There’s a clear divide of skill level in North American Dota at the moment, with the top three teams being leagues above the rest.

In 4 Zoomers’ case, they simply seem to be the best of the rest. They finished the season beating all the teams below them, but were decimated by the teams that placed above them.

This is the unfortunate state of North American Dota 2 and, honestly, it’s difficult to see 4 Zoomers picking up a map win, never mind taking a series against any of the teams in the playoffs.