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Team Aster Tops Odds To Win ESL One Malaysia 2022

The ESL One Malaysia tournament is now underway, taking place August 23-28 at the Arena of Stars. It is the first big Dota 2 tournament following the Arlington Major, which recently concluded. The 12 teams fighting it out all stand a chance of winning but the likes of Team Aster (+325), OG (+375) and Team Secret (+400) are favorites to win the tournament because of their experience and history on the biggest stage.

The teams will have to go through the group phase before locking horns in the knockouts. There is a lot of prestige on the line here, but also a pretty big prize at the end of it all – the prize pool amounts to $400,000, compared to the PGL Arlington Major’s $500,000. There’s going to be a lot on the line this year.

Before we dive into the event, check out our guide for how to bet on Dota 2.

Odds to Win ESL One Malaysia 2022
Team Aster+325
Team Secret+400
Nigma Galaxy+650
BOOM Esports+800

Odds as of August 23 at Sportsbook

Favorites To Win In The 2022 ESL One Malaysia Title Odds

The sport’s biggest names are back as favorites.

Team Aster (+325)

Team Aster is the favorite in this one for a multitude of reasons. They’re the outstanding team in their group and finished third at the PGL Arlington Major. The Chinese side are ranked fourth in the world and have a win rate of 60 percent. They’re in pretty good shape heading into this tournament and will want to make up for the disappointment toward the final hurdle in their last tournament by going all the way in this one.

Team OG (+375)

Team OG is in the slightly tougher group. It’s hard to pick an outright Sportsbook from this group, which is why they are second favorites to win the tournament. The trouble for Team OG is that they are at a low ebb after having a difficult time at the PGL Arlington Major. This is a young squad and will have learned from that tough outing but will need to bounce back quickly. They are ranked third for a reason and have a 54 percent win rate. The only concern here is form.

Value Picks To Win In The 2022 ESL One Malaysia Odds

Team Secret (+400)

Team Secret, ranked 10th in the world, has been in decent shape with two wins in their last two matches. They’ve got a 51 percent win rate. Resolut1on, their new offlaner, has fit into the squad really nicely and there’s some steady momentum building around this side. If they can top their group, it’ll be a big boost when they head into the knockouts. They recently beat Team Spirit as well, which is why no team will like facing them and why they’ve got good ESL One Malaysia title odds.

Nigma Galaxy (+650)

Nigma Galaxy is always a difficult team to read with their unorthodox methods, and can spring a surprise against any side, which is why they’ll always have a shot at tournaments like this. Their ESL One Malaysia title odds on offer are really good, but with only a 44 percent win rate, there’s a clear reason why they aren’t the favorites heading into this one.

Betting Strategy for Sportsbooks of the 2022 ESL One Malaysia

OG would normally top the odds table but because of their recent form, bettors might be tempted to go for them because of lower 2022 ESL One Malaysia title odds than one would expect. Team Aster and Team Secret are the two sides on the rise but it’s hard to see past Team Aster winning this.

They’ll be disappointed with how the PGL Arlington Major ended but still look in form, hungry and ready to make it right. This is just the sort of tournament where they can do that.

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