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And then there were two. SK Telecom T1 and Samsung Galaxy are set to face off with the biggest prize in League of Legends up for grabs – the Summoner’s Cup. The teams had very different semi-finals, as SKT had an all-time great series with ROX and Samsung destroyed H2K with ease.

Samsung has been red-hot in the latter stages of the tournament, as they have won 10 consecutive games. That being said, they have not faced another team from the LCK during that span. One of the most impressive players in the tournament during the knockout stages has been Samsung’s Crown. The midlaner has a 5.6 KDA with 8.8 CS per minute during the knockout stage with his Viktor play being practically flawless.

However, we’ve seen many mids look great and then falter when facing Faker. SKT’s midlaner is potentially the greatest LoL player ever and has absolutely dominated Crown during the Summer Split of the LCK. In those four games – all of which SKT won – Faker posted a KDA of 17/6/27 compared to Crown’s 6/15/10.

SKT’s dominance over Samsung during the LCK splits – and their general dominance on the world stage – has books pegging them as -450 favorites. Samsung is coming back at +300. You may find some more value on the spread, as Samsung +1.5 is coming in at +120.

2016 League of Legends World Championship Odds
Team Moneyline Spread Total
SK Telecom T1 -450 -1.5 (-175) OVER 3.5 (-250)
Samsung Galaxy +300 +1.5 (+120) UNDER 3.5 (+170)

Odds as of October 26 at Sportsbook

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To the shock of basically nobody, three Korean teams have made their way to the League of Legends world championship semifinals. In the past two weeks of the tournament, LCK teams have gone a combined 18-3 and have pretty much been unstoppable in the laning phase.

Despite facing each other in one of the semis, both SKT and ROX are listed at +120 to win the Summoner’s Cup. SKT didn’t face a ton of opposition against the then KOO Tigers in the finals last season, as they went 3-1. SKT won the Spring Split of the LCK after defeating ROX, but the Tigers came back to win the Summer Split.

The second semifinal will see Samsung Galaxy (+300) taking on H2K (+3300). Though Samsung has been a dominant force throughout the worlds, H2K has been red-hot with seven consecutive wins heading into the contest this weekend. Both teams excel when their solo laners can take over the early game, but H2K has shown that they fall apart if they fall behind in the laning phase.

2016 League of Legends World Championship Odds
Team Odds
ROX Tigers +120
SK Telecom T1 +120
Samsung Galaxy +350
H2K Gaming +3300

Odds as of October 18 at Sportsbook

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The group stage is over and only eight teams remain in the hunt for the Summoner’s Cup. Entering the knockout stage, the ROX Tigers and SK Telecom T1 are listed as the co-faves, with the LCK rivals both coming in at +150.

Some thought maybe the rest of the world was catching up to Korea after the first week of the group stage, but were they ever wrong. ROX, SKT and Samsung Galaxy all finished atop their respective groups and three Korean teams comprising the four semifinal spots seems like it may happen.  

SKT is particularly scary, as the team has never lost a world championship they were not in. SKT has the fewest total deaths in the tournament while Bang has arguably been the best player through two weeks, as he has a 12.2 KDA with a 71.8 kill participation and 10.0 CS per minute.

The No. 2 seed with the best chance to move forward may be Albus NoX Luna. The Russian team shocked the world by being the first wild-card team to make it through the group stage. They come out fast and aggressive, but have had difficulties the longer the game lasts. Albus has the highest first blood rate of the tournament and the third-highest first dragon rate. If they can work on adjusting their team comps on the fly, they could make it one step closer.

2016 League of Legends World Championship Odds
Team Odds
ROX Tigers +150
SK Telecom T1 +150
Samsung Galaxy +350
Edward Gaming +2000
Royal Never Giveup +2000
Cloud9 +4000
H2K Gaming +4000
Albus NoX Luna +4000

Odds as of October 12 at Sportsbook

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The first weekend of the League of Legends world championships brought us plenty to talk about. Massive upsets, chokes and shocking play has made the Sportsbook of the group stage the spectacle we’ve come to expect. However, the futures board looks largely the same after the first weekend with books wisely still expecting LCK teams to dominate.

The ROX Tigers are +175 co-favorites after starting the worlds 2-1. ROX decimated wild card Albus NoX Luna in their first game, but the team looked shaken in their third matchup against Counter Logic Gaming. CLG shut down Smeb and you could see just how much ROX depended on their top laner being able to control that lane himself.

SK Telecom T1 (+175) cruised through their first two games, with both contests lasting less than 35 minutes, but then struggled to contain Maple of Flash Wolves – with the champ play of Aurelion Soi being a storyline on Day 3 after being disabled the first two days of the tournament. Bang has been the star for SKT, as the ADC has a 9.5 KDA with 10.5 CS per minute.

After an abysmal Sportsbook saw them go 0-3, G2 Esports has seen their odds plummet from +2000 at open to +30000. Losses to ROX and CLG are excusable, but a loss to the wild card Albus NoX Luna is hard to fathom. In order for G2 to have any hope of making it to the knockout stage, they will need to win out the group stages and have several things go their way.

2016 League of Legends World Championship Odds
Team Odds
ROX Tigers +175
SK Telecom T1 +175
Edward Gaming +350
Team SoloMid +1000
Samsung Galaxy +1200
Royal Never Give Up +1400
Cloud9 +4000
ahq e-Sports Club +5000
Counter Logic Gaming +5000
Flash Wolves +6600
IMay +6600
H2K Gaming +10000
Albus NoX Luna +10000
G2 Esports +30000
Splyce +100000
INTZ e-Sports +100000

Odds as of October 5 at Sportsbook

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It’s that time again when all the best League of Legends players meet to vie for the title of best in the world. For each of the past three years, the world championship has been claimed by a team hailing from the LCK and the odds are predicting the same thing in 2016.

The ROX Tigers enter the worlds as the +170 favorite after placing second last year, when they were known as the KOO Tigers. The team has the exact same makeup as the 2015 squad while being led by Smeb. The top laner has claimed the LCK MVP for each of the past two seasons after spending much of the early years of his career being considered mediocre at best. That storyline follows many of the players that make up ROX, as the team was originally made from cast-offs who have now claimed international glory.

Close behind ROX is the 2015 world champion SKT Telecom T1 at +190. SK has always overshadowed ROX, as they have been consistently one of the best teams in the world. However, SK isn’t the indestructible force they were in previous years. The team rebounded nicely after a tough start to the 2016 season but limped their way to close out the LCK Summer Split.

The lone team outside Korea that many give any chance to is Edward Gaming. The team sports arguably the best trio of players in the world with Deft, ClearLove and Meiko playing key roles. Fellow LPL teams had no counter for the aggression and skill of Deft and Meiko.

The top odds for any North American team belong to Team SoloMid. TSM showed a renewed vigor after losing the NA LCS Spring Split Finals to Counter Logic Gaming. The team went out and brought in rookie BioFrost to shore up the Support role and closed out the regular season going 17-1. TSM basically faced little opposition in NA and the step up in international competition may be a shock.

2016 League of Legends World Championship Odds
Team Odds
ROX Tigers +170
SK Telecom T1 +190
Edward Gaming +300
Team SoloMid +1200
Samsung Galaxy +1600
Royal Never Give Up +2000
G2 Esports +2000
Flash Wolves +2500
Cloud9 +3300
IMay +4000
H2K Gaming +8000
Counter Logic Gaming +8000
ahq e-Sports Club +8000
Splyce +20000
Albus NoX Luna +100000
INTZ e-Sports +100000

Odds as of September 28 at Sportsbook

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