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Twitch Rivals SuperGames Odds

Professional sports might be on hiatus right now, but professional athletes haven’t lost their will to compete. In its place, Twitch Rivals is bringing Fortnite pros together with pro athletes to compete at the Twitch Rivals SuperGames tournament.

At Sportsbook, Mason Denaburg and Brendan Rodgers are the +600 favorites, followed by Blake Snell and Gavin Lux (+750), Kyler Murray and Josh Hart (+750), Mike Evans and JuJu Smith-Schuster (+750) and Trea Turner and Bryce Harper (+750).

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Odds to Win Twitch Rivals SuperGames
Team Odds
Mason Denaburg and Brendan Rodgers +600
Blake Snell and Gavin Lux +750
Kyler Murray and Josh Hart +750
Mike Evans and JuJu Smith-Schuster +750
Trea Turner and Bryce Harper +750
Desmond Lindsay and Thomas Szapucki +1200
Graham Glasgow and Ryan Glasgow +1200
Jack Roslovic and Brendan Lemieux +1200
Skylar Arias and Nick Marchese +1200
Vince Dunn and Jordan Kyrou +1400
Avonte Maddox and Dylan Windler +1600
Brett Pesce and Anthony Bitetto +1600
Chase Winovich and Ashtyn Davis +1600
Xavier Woods and Mike Daniels +1600
Zach Aston-Reese and Jameson Taillon +1600
Zach Hyman and Alex Nylander +1600
Kurt Benkert and David Morgan +1800
Christian Pulisic and Danny Barbir +2500
Cody Melphy and Stephen Tomasin +2500
Trevor May and Chase Elliott +2500

Odds as of April 22 at Sportsbook

What’s the Format for Twitch Rivals SuperGames?

The SuperGames tournament is slated to follow the Blitz LTM ruleset. The zone will start moving immediately after the match starts and the time between zones is shortened.

Unlike the Twitch Rivals Streamer Bowl, siphon and enhanced material generation will be the same as Fortnite’s arena mode and tournament play. The Twitch Rivals SuperGames finals takes place on April 22 at 8 p.m. ET and can be streamed through the Twitch Rivals channel.

The team with the highest point total after five games wins the event. Thirty-five points are awarded to the first-place team per match, with 30 going to the second-place team, 25 to the third-place team and 20 to the squad that comes in fourth.

Fifteen points are given to teams that place between fifth and eighth, while 10 are awarded to teams that come between ninth and 12th and five will be given to teams that place between 13th and 16th. Eliminated teams will receive two points each.

The prizing breakdown is significant. There is a total of $1 million on the line in charity prizing to be spread out, with $150,000 awarded to the champion along with $100,000 and $75,000 to the second- and third-place teams, respectively.

Pro Athletes and Pro Streamers Collide

The teams are constructed of two esports streamers/pro players and two professional athletes. The athletes already went through a tournament to qualify for this event and were drafted onto squads on April 20. It’s worth noting that only the athletes’ names are listed in the odds table above.

Most of the biggest names in Fortnite will be involved in the SuperGames tournament, including NickMercs and DrLupo, who’ve recently been away from Fortnite.