Worlds 2020 Grand Finals Bets

Best Worlds 2020 Grand Finals Bets

After a month of tense competitive League of Legends action, it’s finally here – the Worlds Grand Finals!

The undisputed two best teams in the world will battle it out in one epic best-of-five match on October 31, with the Sportsbook being crowned the 2020 LoL world champion. We’ll see the underdogs, Suning, take on the dominant Korean champions DAMWON Gaming.

Although a quick look tells us there is a decisive favorite, the match will definitely be an exciting one and, as you might expect, there are some very interesting wagering options.

Before we dive into the match, however, make sure to familiarize yourself with the game and the World Championship. Now, let’s get straight into the best picks for the last match of Worlds 2020.

DAMWON Gaming vs Suning - October 31

It’s the match we’ve all been waiting for as the world’s best battle it out in the match for the Worlds 2020 crown.

DAMWON enters the match as the considerable favorite at -222 on Sportsbook but things are not so simple, and considering the magic of the world championship, either team could take it. Both squads have been very impressive, with DAMWON taking out practically every opponent with ease, while Suning has grown drastically throughout and even eliminated the initial favorite Top Esports.

Really, either team could take it here so the best bet is to ignore the moneyline and head straight to the props, where we can find some amazing picks.

First off, we can look toward kills, namely UNDERs on total kills on each map. If you’ve followed Worlds and our previous tips, you’ll know where this is going. Both teams play a rather tame style, focusing on objectives and team fights rather than skirmishes and aggression.

We’re likely to see more of the same here, with a focus on control of the map and a low kill count throughout – it’s incredibly unlikely that either team will switch styles up heavily in the Grand Finals. As such, we can back UNDER 27.5 kills on Sportsbook, with odds ranging from -141 to -128 depending on the map. Most matches should end up with fewer kills, especially the first couple when the two teams will likely try to feel each other out.

Another good choice is an OVER on maps played. Despite the one-sided odds, this one will be competitive. Both teams have shown their strength and there will almost certainly be at least four maps, if not even five.

If you want to go with the safest pick of the Grand Finals but still make some cash, then OVER 3.5 Maps Played at -286 on Sportsbook is for you. The odds aren’t great, but I would be extremely surprised to see either team take it 3-0.

The other option is OVER 4.5 Maps Played at +190. The odds are much higher as getting all five maps is quite rare, and we’ve only seen it once so far at the event. However, it’s quite possible here. While DAMWON is strong, Suning has shown a good level and if a team can make it to the Grand Finals, then they’ve always got a shot to win or at least be competitive.

This is the riskiest pick of the bunch, but it does feature some amazing odds so make sure to consider how you feel about both teams going into it.

BEST BETS: UNDER 27.5 kills for each map | OVER 4.5 maps