CBLOL Rebrand 2021

Flamengo, Pain Gaming Co-Faves to Win CBLOL Split 2

Brazilian League of Legends action returns on June 5 with Split 2 of the competitive season. Much like summer seasons in the major regions, this is the one to watch as the end result here will secure a team a place at the world championship.

This means teams will be giving it their all here and can forget about any mistakes or tough losses in Split 1, as they start with a clean slate.

Before we take a closer look at the event, make sure to familiarize yourself with all things League of Legends betting, and let’s jump right into the juicy details.

CBLOL Roster Changes Entering Split 2

With CBLOL being a franchised league, much like most other competitive LoL leagues, we’ll be seeing the same teams at this event. However, some key changes do come in when it comes to rosters, with some teams making quite a few offseason moves in an attempt to shake up their team and challenge for a place at Worlds.

Co-favorite Flamengo Esports made a curious move, bringing in a new coach, Halier, at the end of May. Considering their loss to Pain in Split 1 playoffs, a change may have been needed, but bringing in a new coach just two weeks before the season starts was certainly unexpected.

Meanwhile, Furia saw one of the biggest transfers of the CBLOL offseason, bringing in legendary Russian jungler Diamondprox. He comes in off a four-year streak at Gambit and, having never played in Brazil, it will be interesting to see how he adapts to his new environment, as well as how the team handles communication.

Other sides also made quite a few transfers, but this mostly included academy players moving up, while some teams even decided to leave their squads unchanged.

Odds to Win CBLOL Split 2
Team Odds
Flamengo +225
Pain Gaming +225
Vorax +400
Red Canids +550
Loud +1200
Kabum esports +1400
Furia +2000
Rensga Esports +2000
INTZ +2500
Netshoes Miners +3500

Odds as of June 2 at Sportsbook

Favorite Flamengo Looks For Revenge

The favorites will be looking for revenge in Split 2, having been eliminated in the Split 1 playoffs by Pain Gaming in a tough 3-2 loss. This came after a very strong regular season, where Flamengo finished in first with a 72 percent win rate.

They’ll be looking for a similar performance in this split, except this time Pain will be on their radar and the team should be that much more motivated to get revenge as they aim to secure another playoff spot and a strong performance afterward.

Can Pain Do it Again?

Pain Gaming was definitely the highlight of Split 1. The team barely made it to the playoffs, finishing fifth, but completed an almost miracle run in the playoffs to secure the trophy.

The team has stuck with almost the same roster going forward and will be looking to once again put up a strong showing. However, their head coach, Nova, did depart the team in May and they’ve yet to find a replacement.

Playing without a coach could put the team at a tactical disadvantage, but the players may just be confident in their abilities after a very impressive playoff run and will look to capitalize on their strong form.


What Can We Expect From Furia’s Diamondprox Wild Card?

Furia finished second last in Split 1 and it was clear that change was needed for the team to succeed. However, few could have expected the wild transfer they completed during the offseason.

The team brought in Diamondprox, a legendary player who has been playing at the pro level since League of Legends’ inception. He was once the king of Europe with a historic Moscow Five roster and even finished third at a world championship.

There’s absolutely no doubt he has a world of experience, but the question is: Can he apply it? Moving from Russia to Brazil is no easy feat and this move transforms the all-Brazilian roster into an international one. There will certainly be a lot of hurdles to overcome, but this move definitely makes Furia a team to keep your eyes on.