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DWG Kia Odds-On Fave to Win LCK Summer

DWG Kia hoisting the LCK trophy
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The League of Legends pro scene is back in full swing this month and it’s no different in Korea, one of the strongest regions out there. The LCK’s summer season is set to kick off on June 9, bringing us over two months of exciting LoL action from the East.

As usual, the summer season is the most important of the two, with the winner of the LCK qualifying straight to the world championship. This means there’s a ton on the line for each team and everyone will be giving it their all as they attempt to claim the prestigious Worlds spot.

Before we take a closer look at the event, make sure to familiarize yourself with all things League of Legends betting, and let’s jump right into the juicy details.

Have There Been Any Major Changes in the LCK?

With the LCK now being a franchised league, all the teams remain the same going from spring to summer. The only real changes that we can expect are slight roster moves during the offseason, although in Korea there hasn’t been too much action.

Most teams (so far) have decided to retain entire rosters, with a few of the lower-placed teams in the Spring Split deciding to shake things up. Nongshim RedForce made one of the most tactical moves, bringing in a new head coach, ex-T1 Comet, as well as a new mid laner in Gori.

Meanwhile, Liiv_Sandbox and KT Rolster both turned to their academy for inspiration, each bringing two promising youngsters to their main lineup as they attempt to turn around fairly uninspiring spring performances.

Other than that, other rosters stay the same. However, the teams do still have some time before they need to announce changes, so it’s always possible that there could be some last-minute surprises.

Odds to Win 2021 LCK Summer Split
DWG Kia-120
Hanwha Life+800
Nongshim RedForce+3300
KT Rolster+4000
Liiv Sandbox+4000
Afreeca Freecs+5000
Fred Brion+5000

Odds as of June 4 at Bovada

DWG Kia Looks to Continue Dominance

DWG Kia is, expectedly, the heavy favorite for the LCK and the team to watch in the league. The current world champions are a force to be reckoned with and few in the world are able to challenge them, never mind the domestic league.

In the spring, the team breezed to a first-place finish, losing just two series in the regular season and completing a flawless playoff run. They did stumble in international competition, losing 3-2 to Royal Never Give Up at the Mid-Season Invitational.

Still, they seem to be far and beyond the best team in Korea and considering their continued success, it’s difficult to see anyone stopping them.

Can Gen.G Stop The Favorites?

While DWG Kia is the favorite, Gen.G seems to be the biggest challenger. The team has consistently played at the highest levels in the LCK in the last few seasons and it’s safe to say they are second-best.

Their goal this summer will be taking down the favorites, which is a monumental task. However, Gen.G did manage to hand DWG its one loss in the spring regular season, before getting swept 3-0 in the finals.

This means there is some hope for them to make something happen in this vital split, although it’s going to be a tough challenge for Gen.G to finally claim the trophy.

What Happened to Faker and T1?

When most western League of Legends fans hear LCK, they think of Faker and T1, the iconic man and team that dominated the early days of the game.

However, they’ve been strangely absent lately. T1 missed out on the last world championship, and the end of 2020 – as well as the start of 2021 – has been very disappointing for the team. They crashed out fourth in this year’s spring playoffs and their regular season was full of weak performances.

We’ll definitely need to see something new from the legendary player and team if they’re to come back into the spotlight and live up to their legendary reputation.