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Which LoL Region Performs Best In International Events?

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There is nothing quite like it when the best face off for national supremacy and bragging rights. In League of Legends, there are several international events every year that pit different regions against one another to see who will reign supreme.

The biggest of these events have historically been the World Championship, the Mid-Season Invitational and the Rift Rivals. Each of these events will put regions from all over the globe against one another to see who has the best grasp of the current in-game meta. But which of these regions has proven to be the best in the world for bettors to back?

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The first thing to note about our examination is we will be focusing solely on the four major regions within the competitive League of Legends scene. That means this article will be looking only at Korea (LCK), China (LPL), Europe (LEC) and North America (LCS). There are still plenty of other regions that compete but these are widely regarded as the top four in the world. That also means these records are solely focused on how these four regions compete against one another, as they routinely overwhelm opponents from other levels of play.

Second, these are records in series wins, so the records will encompass series wins of all lengths, which include best-of-one, -three and -five. That means when looking at betting games based on historical records, ensure that you are betting on the series moneyline and not the game moneyline.

LCK Record In International Events Since Start of 2019
vs LPL12-6
vs LEC8-8
vs LCS10-1
LPL Record In International Events Since Start of 2019
vs LCK6-12
vs LEC13-4
vs LCS10-2
LEC Record In International Events Since Start of 2019
vs LCK8-8
vs LPL4-13
vs LCS14-6
LCS Record In International Events Since Start of 2019
vs LCK1-10
vs LPL2-10
vs LEC6-14

As you can see, most major regions are fairly close in terms of quality. The LCK, LPL and LEC all have winning records in international competition since the beginning of 2019, though the LCK holds a slight edge in overall winning percentage.

The outlier is the LCS. The LCS has posted a record of just 9-34 in international competition vs the other three major regions since the start of 2019. Specifically, the North American representatives have gone a lowly 3-20 against LPL and LCK.

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