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LoL Best Bets: C9 In a Prime Spot For Bettors

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March kicks off with a full week of intense League of Legends action. We see the major leagues continue to rage all around the world and the pressure is on in the LCS and LEC as just two weeks remain of the Spring regular season.

This means the western games mean just that much more in the next two weeks, as spots will be decided for the LCS’ Mid-Season Showdown and the LEC Spring playoffs. Luckily for bettors, this means practically every match will be worth keeping an eye on as the stakes are getting higher.

Before we dive into our picks, make sure to familiarize yourself with all things League of Legends betting, and let’s dive right in.

KT Rolster vs DRX - March 4

We kick things off this week with a classic Korean matchup: KT vs DRX. It’s a match between two teams performing above expectations, with the all-new DRX roster being the more impressive of the two.

So far, DRX find themselves in fourth, despite putting together an all-new roster comprised mostly of rookies, while KT Rolster’s mix of experience and upcoming stars places them in sixth, with two wins separating the teams.

Unsurprisingly, we do see a strong favorite in DRX, which enters as a -154 moneyline favorite on Betway. The odds are a bit unattractive considering how close this match could be, so we will instead look to the props.

With DRX playing, there’s always a good prop in the OVER/UNDER map market. The team has seen eight of 11 matches go to three maps, with all of their wins being 2-1’s. Considering they’re the favorites and the vast majority of their maps go all the way, the best bet here is OVER 2.5 maps at a solid -111.

Best Bet: OVER 2.5 Maps (-111) on Betway

100 Thieves vs Evil Geniuses - March 5

Next, we take a look at Friday’s games, featuring two clashes at opposite ends of the standings. Up first is 100 Thieves vs Evil Geniuses in a crucial match to secure one of the top spots in the LCS.

Both teams have been very competitive this season, with 100 Thieves tying in second, while EG is tied for fourth. Just one win separates the teams as the Thieves attempt to secure second, while EG struggles to break out of their three-way tie.

This one’s set to be very close, with the odds barely separating the two. 100 Thieves enter as favorites at -133 on Betway, with EG not too far behind at -105.

It’s possible that it goes either way, but I have to give the edge to Evil Geniuses in this one. They’ve been much more consistent in the second half of this split, winning four of their last five, with their only loss coming from Cloud9. Meanwhile, 100 Thieves have started looking shaky. They’ve dropped three of their last five, which includes a loss against the dead-last Golden Guardians.

Considering that and very strong odds of -105, the Evil Geniuses moneyline is definitely the bet here.

Best Bet: Evil Geniuses (-105) on Betway

Immortals vs CLG - March 5

Jumping to the bottom half of the standings, we see Immortals battle against CLG.

If you’ve been following the LCS, you probably know where this is going. CLG has been dreadful so far this split, winning just two matches, one of which was against fellow rock-bottom side Golden Guardians.

Meanwhile, Immortals have been performing decently, despite a winter overhaul that included four new signings. They currently find themselves just outside of the Mid-Season Showdown spots and will no doubt be doing all they can to rally over the next two weeks and secure a top-six finish.

Taking down a weak CLG side will be Immortals’ first step in doing that. At -143, the odds for the Immortals moneyline is surprisingly high, and one well worth backing.

Best Bet: Immortals (-143) on Betway

Fnatic vs SK Gaming - March 6

We move on to Saturday and our only European match of the week, as Fnatic takes on SK Gaming.

This match has some amazing potential for a big win, as SK enters as a large underdog, while I would actually peg the match as more of a 50-50, if not even giving SK the slightest edge here. The main reason for this is that they are absolutely on fire. SK Gaming has won its last five matches in a row and has made a blistering run to almost guarantee a playoffs spot.

Fnatic, meanwhile, has been quite inconsistent lately, winning just twice in its last five, which includes losses to MAD Lions and Team Vitality.

Sure, there is a difference between the two teams, with Fnatic arguably having the stronger roster. That’s why the odds are so huge. However, with SK’s hot form and a +175 moneyline on Betway, they are the ones to back.

Best Bet: SK Gaming (+175) on Betway

Cloud9 vs Team Liquid - March 6

Our last two matches bring us back to the LCS, the first of them being a massive clash in the league.

The two initial favorites, Cloud9 and Team Liquid, battle it out for the last time in the regular Spring season, and there’s a lot on the line for both teams. A win here would all but guarantee C9 the top spot this season, while Liquid is desperate to climb into the top four and earn a strong seed in the Mid-Season Showdown.

As expected, Cloud9 is the favorite here, having stormed the LCS so far with (almost) no problems. They sit with a 10-2 scoreline, having overcome some early struggles and finishing a flawless week last week.

Meanwhile, Team Liquid continues to look shaky, sitting at a 7-5 scoreline and dropping matches weekly.

With C9 impressing and Liquid doing just the opposite, I expect the favorites to close this one out and at -133 on Betway, Cloud9’s moneyline is surprisingly high and a perfect pick.

Best Bet: Cloud9 (-133) on Betway

FlyQuest vs Immortals - March 7

Last but not least comes FlyQuest vs Immortals in a key match for two teams hoping to snatch a Mid-Season Showdown spot.

Both teams sit just outside the top six, with Immortals having a slight edge over FlyQuest, seeing a 5-7 scoreline compared to 4-8. Regardless, with just a handful of strong matches, either team could make it to the top six and this match will very likely decide which of the two has the best shot.

Surprisingly enough, FlyQuest is the favorite for this one. It’s a slight margin, with the faves coming in at -133 on Betway compared to Immortals’ -105. However, I would’ve pegged Immortals to be the favorite, and by quite a margin too.

Overall results look better for Immortals and recent form also favors them. They’ve won three of their last five, including a win against FlyQuest, while their opponents have found two wins in five. Sure, it’s a slight margin, but it includes a direct match win and overall Immortals have looked better. That’s why the pick for this one is the Immortals moneyline.

Best Bet: Immortals (-105) on Betway

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Moneyline bets are one of the most straightforward ways of betting and if you’ve done it in any other sport, it’s no different in League of Legends. Simply pick which team you think will win, place your bet and wait on the result.

These bets always feature a favorite and an underdog, represented by a (-) minus sign or (+) plus sign in American odds. When betting on the favorite, the (-) minus signifies what you would need to bet to win $100, while on the other hand, the (+) plus shows what you’d win if you bet $100.

It’s important to note that not all bookmakers currently offer League of Legends options, and while it is becoming more popular, many sportsbooks that have integrated esports may have a limited selection. However, we’ve made finding a good place to bet very easy, with a comprehensive list of the best online esports betting sites.

What Are League of Legends Prop Bets?

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When it comes to League of Legends, this includes things like the number of games in a series, which team will win a specific game, first kills, towers, dragons or barons – really just about anything that will happen in the game.