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G2 Slight Fave to Win LEC Summer Split

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The League of Legends European Championship is set to return on June 11, bringing us what could be one of the most competitive LEC seasons yet. Recent top dog G2 enters as the favorite, but it’s looking very close as both Rogue and MAD Lions also see strong odds and could very well repeat their spring success.

With the league looking so tight, it’s not one to miss, especially if you’re looking to place some wagers. Multiple teams have a real shot to come out on top and we’re very likely to see some unexpected results alongside a slew of amazing matches.

Make sure to check out our guide on all things League of Legends betting and let’s take a look at the event in more detail.

LEC Offseason Roster Changes

As usual, the organizations remain the same in the LEC and fans will be able to keep on cheering for their favorite sides going into the summer season. However, with the offseason, teams were once again able to make roster changes and there have been some pretty major moves all around.

Fnatic made the headlines again this offseason with another set of sizable roster moves. Their star jungler Selfmade departed from the team, while top laner Bwipo moved into the jungle role, opening up space for Karmine Corp’s Adam to sign with the LEC giants.

Meanwhile, Team Vitality made the most of the offseason, bringing in three new players. They capitalized on Fnatic’s changes, securing Selfmade’s signature for the season. Vitality also signed a new top laner in SLT and brought in LIDER for the mid lane, adding two fresh faces to the LEC amid their roster shakeup.

Excel Esports and FC Schalke 04 were the two other teams to make the biggest changes. The former signed Nukeduck and Denyk, bringing in two experienced players as they attempt to finally reach the playoffs, while Schalke saw their star mid laner Abbedagge leave for North America and replaced him with an academy starlet, NUCLEARINT.

There have been some huge changes so far, but not a massive quantity of moves overall. However, each team has until their first match to confirm their roster, so it’s very possible some big moves are still in the making.

Odds to Win LEC Summer
G2 Esports+175
MAD Lions+225
Team Vitality+1600
Schalke 04+3300
Misfits Gaming+4000
Excel Esports+5000
SK Gaming+10000

Odds as of June 8 at Bovada

G2 Looks to Reclaim LEC Throne

G2 Esports enters as the slight favorite this summer, just ahead of Rogue and MAD Lions. Going into 2021, this roster looked to be the European dream team, but things didn’t quite materialize as their four-season win streak was ended after defeats to both Rogue and MAD Lions.

Despite the previous season’s defeat, they should, on paper, be the ones taking home the summer trophy. G2’s lineup features practically all of the best players in Europe and the team has a wealth of experience behind them, with years of regional and international competition under their belts.

However, that is exactly what was said about the team in the spring, so we’ll just have to see if that was a one-time blunder, or if we’re really in for a huge change in the LEC power rankings.

Will Rogue Finally Win?

Rogue has been the biggest contender behind G2 and Fnatic for some time. They were there to challenge those teams and even took home the 2020 summer regular season, ending G2’s streak there, before falling in the playoffs.

However, the two biggest names of European League of Legends slipped up and others were quick to capitalize. Rogue finally made a playoff final, and it seemed that the “third best” would finally get a trophy.

As we know, things didn’t go quite right for them and MAD Lions ended up taking the playoff final. This summer season, Rogue will be looking to once again usurp the favorites and this time claim the trophy for themselves.

Can MAD Lions Do It Again?

MAD Lions winning the spring trophy wasn’t the most unexpected thing. Like Rogue, they were the team to watch just behind the two key favorites and finally put up a consistent enough playoff performance to take home a trophy.

The big question coming into the summer season is whether they can do it again. Of course, they’ve proven they can take down the best of the best, but their regular season was full of holes as they barely mustered a win rate over 50 percent.

As playoff winners, each team will have also been keeping an extra eye on them and will have put more time into preparing for their play style now that they are in the spotlight. It’s no doubt going to be a tough season for the Lions, but also a very interesting one to see how they adapt to being one of the favorites.