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FunPlus Phoenix, ThunderTalk Gaming Joint Favorites in League NEST 2022

The League of Legends National Electronic Sports Tournament 2022 will be taking place from November 10 onwards. Figuring out who among the 15 teams that’ll be taking part is going to win the big prize from the ¥670,000 prize pool is not going to be simple, which should up the stakes when betting on the LoL NEST title odds. 

Three teams seem like they have got a significant edge over their competition: FunPlus Phoenix (+175), ThunderTalk Gaming (+175) and Bilibili Gaming (+300). Predicting a Sportsbook between the three sides is no easy task, and the other participants are quite capable of pulling off an upset themselves. 

Teams will be divided into four groups and have to go through double round-robin matches before heading into a knockout round with a double-elimination bracket and a grand final in the end. The groups stage matches will be best-of-one ties, round 1 and round 2 will be best-of-three and the grand final will be a best-of-five to make sure that the strongest team comes out on top when everything is said and done.

Before we look at the favorites, be sure to refresh yourself with our guide to betting on League of Legends.

Odds to Win the League of Legends National Electronic Sports Tournament 2022
FunPlus Phoenix+175
ThunderTalk Gaming+175
Bilibili Gaming+300
LGD Gaming+1000
Edward Gaming+1400
Team WE+1800
JD Gaming+2200
Top Esports+2500
Invictus Gaming+2800

Odds as of November 8 at Sportsbook

Favorites To Win In The LoL NEST Title Odds

FunPlus Phoenix (+175)

Sportsbooks of the Worlds back in 2019, FunPlus Phoenix has certainly got the pedigree to win LoL NEST 2022, which is why they’re on top of the LoL NEST title odds table. 

Care has been their most consistent player all year. The mid laner has averaged 3.09 kills, 2.48 deaths and 5.82 assists, with a KDA of 3.59. With a little help from his teammates, there’s no reason why FunPlus Phoenix shouldn’t come out on top in this event.

Some of their new stars like Summit and pinz will also be keen to show their skills. They haven’t been able to show their full array of tricks yet, and this might be the perfect opportunity.

ThunderTalk Gaming (+175)

Their new lineup from the summer is still going to need some time to jell, but this is the perfect opportunity to show everyone what they’re made of. Along with FunPlus Phoenix, they’ve got the best LoL NEST title odds on the table.

If they are to put on a show, Kepler will have to be in top form. The bot laner has been outstanding all year, averaging 4.57 kills, 2.25 deaths and 5.04 assists with a KD ratio of 4.27.

There aren’t going to be too many players in the competition with such excellent stats. He’ll be gearing up to be one of the best players in the tournament, and get his side some glory.

Value Picks To Win In The LoL NEST Outright Odds

Bilibili Gaming (+300)

Bilibili Gaming completes the list of teams that have the most favorable LoL NEST title odds for 2022. FoFo has been their main star this season. The mid laner has been of great assistance to his teammates, averaging 6.27 assists while also contributing to 2.94 kills per game. He has a KDA ratio of 4.6.

If Bilibili Gaming is to triumph, however, they’ll have to make sure that they don’t require his help that often. All that being said, there’s not a lot of space between them, FunPlus Phoenix and ThunderTalk Gaming. They’ll be fancying themselves against anyone in the LoL NEST in 2022.

Betting Strategy for Sportsbooks of the LoL NEST

There are many other teams who might have a good recent history, but might not be playing their strongest teams. Others like LGD Gaming (+1000) and Edward Gaming (+1400) have just got far too unfavorable LoL NEST title odds to really stand a chance of going through all the matches against all these teams and coming out on top.

FunPlus Phoenix seem like the go-to team because of what they’ve achieved in the past and their LoL NEST title odds, but their big achievements took place a while back. This is a new team; it’s still a strong team, but they don’t have the same fear factor that they once had.

ThunderTalk Gaming will feel confident that Kepler can carry them all the way, and it’s hard to see anyone stopping him once he gets into his zone. Bilibili Gaming needs some luck to go their way, but that luck might run out by the time the tournament comes to a close. It just feels like the stars have aligned for ThunderTalk Gaming. They have to take their chance now. 

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