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NBA 2K League: Three-For-All Showdown Betting Odds

NBA2KL 3v3 Tourney - March 24 2020

The sports betting hiatus due to COVID-19 may be hitting us hard but there’s hope for basketball bettors and fans of the NBA 2K League. The question of filling the void while seasons are suspended was answered by means of a large-scale online tournament organized by the NBA 2K League.

A “Pros vs Joes” three-vs-three tourney featuring NBA2K20 is on tap and will get underway on March 27, with squads all vying for a $25,000 purse. The first stage of the tournament will be from March 27 to March 29 and will feature 32 fan-led squads of three in “MyPark” mode that were chosen through signups at NBA2Kleague.com.

The winners of that tournament, both from Xbox and PS4, will then use it as a springboard to qualify for the larger tournament that goes from March 31 to April 3 against pros from the NBA2KL, social media influencers and the best female players of NBA2K20.

Online sportsbooks have been monitoring this tournament closely and will likely release betting lines as soon as possible once the tourney field gets sorted. If you want to watch the fan tournament games live when they start on March 27, go to the NBA2KL Twitch page or their YouTube channel to tune in.

For now, here’s some background on the NBA2KL Three-For-All Showdown:

First Stage Of Tournament

There are two stages of the Three-For-All Showdown with the first stage taking place from March 27 to March 29 as the “Fan Bracket.” In the opener, it will feature 32 fan-organized teams competing against each other in distinct Xbox and PS4 brackets.

The winning squads from that tournament will get the right to move on to the main stage and compete in the big tournament that is played from March 31 to April 3. The players involved will be the fan-led teams, top female 2K players, social media influencers along with professional NBA 2K League players.

Second Stage Of Tournament

The second stage of the tournament is where the real competition will take place as it will feature NBA 2K League players (teams of three will represent their NBA 2K League teams), top female 2K players, social media influencers and the top-performing teams from the fan‑only stage. These players will face off against each other in distinct Xbox and PS4 brackets from Tuesday, March 31, to Friday, April 3.

Each matchup will be like a playoff series and according to the NBA2KL rules and regulations, all series aside from the final rounds of each bracket will be best-of-three series, with the final‑round matchups being best-of-five series.

The NBA 2K League teams that are planning to participate thus far are the Miami Heat’s “Heat Check Gaming” squad along with a contingent from the Washington Wizards’ 2K squad “Wizards District Gaming.” More NBA 2K League teams are expected to announce rosters and involvement over the next week before the field is finalized.

As the 2K league teams are confirmed, Odds Shark will continue to monitor which teams are involved and track the betting odds from online sportsbooks for which team will win the tournament and the $25,000 prize.