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Three Playoff Spots Remain in NBA 2K League

The final week of the NBA 2K League 2020 regular season is finally upon us. It’s all coming to an end here, but there’s still a ton to play for. Three playoff spots remain up for grabs and the Raptors aim to close out their perfect regular season.

Last week saw Warriors Gaming Squad, Kings Guard Gaming and Mavs Gaming secure their playoff places, leaving five teams to battle it out for the remaining spots in an action-packed week. The competition is incredibly close and it could really go many ways, giving us a ton of exciting matches to wager on.

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Let’s dive right into some of the best matches to wager on in the 2K League this week:

Knicks Gaming vs Nets GC - August 4

The week kicks off with a battle with huge playoff implications for the Nets as they take on the Knicks in a match that decides their fate.

Knicks Gaming has barely missed out on playoff contention and is going into this contest with little to play for. The Nets, meanwhile, have a small chance, needing to win both of their games this week and get some help by seeing some of their rivals lose.

Both teams have had similar forms and results throughout the season, with the Nets edging out the Knicks by the tiniest margin. However, with so much more on the line for the Nets, they’ll really be bringing it all and doing everything in their power to win it. As such, they should be the team to back here.

T-Wolves Gaming vs Blazer5 Gaming - August 4

T-Wolves Gaming takes on the Blazer5 in what is possibly the biggest game of the week. The teams currently find themselves in ninth and 10th place, both with seven wins and six losses. As the top nine teams make it to the playoffs, the Sportsbook here may just be the one that clinches the final spot.

Considering what’s at stake, this is a match that could really go either way. Both teams have been fairly hit-or-miss lately and one doesn’t seem to have an edge over the other. However, one thing is certain, it’s going to be a competitive match.

The Blazer5 have seen seven of their last eight matches be incredibly competitive, going all the way to three games. It’s been more decisive on the T-Wolves’ side of things, but their last two matches also went to three games. It shouldn’t be any different here and since it’s so hard to pick a Sportsbook, betting on a three-game series could be the way to go.

Hornets Venom GT vs Nets GC - August 5

Another de facto playoff match comes in the form of the Hornets vs the Nets. Just one win puts Hornets Venom GT in the playoffs, while Nets GC needs to win both of their matches to even have a shot to reach the top nine.

It seems very unlikely that the Nets make it as they have crumbled in the last few weeks, winning just once in their last four games and losing the last two. The Hornets haven’t looked too great either but seem to be on the bounce-back with a dominating victory over Gen.G Tigers on July 31.

Hornets Venom GT has the edge here and should have what it takes to win and secure their playoff spot. However, the Nets are unlikely to go down without a fight, so a safe option could be to pick the series to go to three games.

Bucks Gaming vs Lakers Gaming - August 6

The Bucks are in action toward the end of the week as they hope to secure their playoff spot against the Lakers. Bucks Gaming is currently in seventh place and just needs to win one of its two games. Meanwhile, Lakers Gaming has been incredibly disappointing and is at the bottom of the table with just three wins in 15.

Really, this should be a blowout win for the Bucks. They’ve been performing fairly well all season while the Lakers have been well below par. A dominant victory for the Bucks is a great choice here, with a 2-0 win or individual handicaps likely to go through.

Bucks Gaming vs Mavs Gaming - August 7

The NBA 2K League 2020 regular season will be closed out by Bucks Gaming vs Mavs Gaming. The importance of this match will be determined by the games before it, but it’s likely to be a great one no matter what happens.

It will be either the most important match of the season for the Bucks, if they lose against the Lakers, or a match to decide which playoff places the Bucks and the Mavs get. If Bucks Gaming desperately needs a win here, then there’s a good shot they can pull off an upset. They’ve been a bit shaky all season but have always shown up for big games, most recently beating the impressive Kings Guard Gaming.

However, if there’s little for both teams to play for, then the Mavs should have it. There won’t be as much drive for either team and Mavs Gaming’s natural skills should come through to win them the series. Just remember to check what’s at stake before wagering on this one.

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