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NBA 2K League

After 12 incredibly competitive weeks and three mind-blowing tournaments, the NBA 2K League playoffs are finally just around the corner. Ten of the best 2K teams of the year will compete in the playoffs from August 19-29 to decide the champion of the third NBA 2K League season.

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Who’s playing in the 2020 NBA 2K League Playoffs?

A total of 10 teams are facing off in the playoffs – nine of them qualified through the regular season, while the final team, Blazer5 Gaming, earned their place with a victory at “The Ticket” tournament.

Teams are placed in a playoff grid and seeded by their rankings during the regular season. The top six start in the quarterfinals, while the other four – the teams that placed seventh to ninth, as well as “The Ticket” winners – play off against each other for the other two spots in the quarters.

You can check out the full playoffs bracket and the initial matches below:

Can anyone stop the record-breaking Raptors?

This has been a historic season for the NBA 2K League as Raptors Uprising GC demolished all expectations, going through the regular season without a single defeat. As such, there’s one simple question on everyone’s mind: Can the Raptors be stopped?

To be honest, it doesn’t seem like it. No odds have been released yet for the playoffs, but there’s no doubt the Raptors will be very heavy favorites. They went through the entire season without any worries and it doesn’t seem that anyone has what it takes to defeat them.

However, these are the playoffs – anything can happen and it only takes one bad day for it all to be over. It’s not likely that Raptors Uprising will lose, but the season has already had one mind-blowing record, so anything is possible.

Are Blazer5 Gaming back?

Considering how the season went, not many may know that Blazer5 were the favorites to win it all in May. However, after a very shaky few months, the team barely missed out on the playoffs and had to qualify through “The Ticket” tournament.

Their matches at the event were nothing short of impressive and the team boasts arguably the best player in the league in Neadal “Mama Im Dat Man” Nasser. Nasser has averaged an insane 23.1 points and 11.6 assists a game, clearly being the one shining light in the squad.

Now that the team can take it one game at a time and has come into form after “The Ticket,” can Blazer5 Gaming come back from the lowest seed to win it all?

A tight competition at the top

While the Raptors had an outstanding season and are the first team to look at for the playoffs, it’s also important to consider the rest of the top teams.

Jazz Gaming, Warriors Gaming Squad and Wizards District Gaming all had amazing seasons, placing just below the Raptors while losing less than a handful of games. All three of these teams have a very strong shot at taking the crown.

The Utah representatives, Jazz Gaming, were the strongest of the bunch, only losing twice. They also avoided facing the Raptors and very well could have been the team to defeat them. Considering they come into the event as the second seed, we’ll only see this matchup if they both reach the finals.

Meanwhile, the Wizards did upset the Jazz in a 2-1 victory at the end of July, and if Jazz Gaming has a shot at defeating the Raptors, then what does that say about the team that defeated them?

Last but not least, Warriors Gaming Squad only lost three matches all season. Two were unexpected upsets against weaker teams and one came in a very tight match against the Jazz. They also showed some incredible games and made it clear they can take the best to the edge. It remains to be seen how they perform in the playoffs, but they’re not a team that can be counted out at any point.