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When The Phoenix Suns and NBA 2K20 Become The Only Game In Town For Bettors

NBA 2K20 Phoenix Suns Games Betting March 17 2020

It seems like just last week that bettors around the world were getting ready to bet their bankrolls on NCAA March Madness and NBA regular-season games, but now we’ve had to scale back our expectations and resort to NBA2K20. Yes, the same basketball simulation game your kids would play or the ones you use to pass the time and get dunked on when there are no live games to watch.  

But here’s the catch, bettors starved for some action can now wager on these games, thanks to the Phoenix Suns and online sportsbook  Bovada. The Suns are leading the charge with their own 2K squad that has a roster identical to its real-life counterpart and gives basketball fans an outlet to see some “live” hoops, even if it’s in 2K form. With the NBA regular season appearing to be all but canceled for 2020, the Suns seem intent on finishing the season digitally.

For background, on Sunday, March 15, the 2K squads of the Phoenix Suns and the Dallas Mavericks tipped off on video game live-streaming channel Twitch. Nearly 100,000 people tuned in to watch while the broadcast rose into Twitch’s top 10 live channels at the time. The Suns, being played by Antonio Salvidar or @UniversalPhe2K on Twitter, beat the Mavs 150-136.

One of the refreshing parts of the broadcast is it had no commercials, was played in just over an hour and bettors didn’t have to deal with the inevitable dragging out of the final minutes of the game with foul shots and constant TV timeouts.

When Is The Next Game?

The Phoenix Suns are planning a second game on Wednesday, March 18, to face the Minnesota Timberwolves 2K squad that is sure to pique the interest of bettors as the sportsbook intends to put up betting lines for spreads and totals on the matchup. It will be broadcast on the Suns’ Twitch channel from the link above.

If you’re new to the online gaming scene and betting on NBA2K, don’t fret. At Odds Shark, we’ve compiled a handy How-To guide for bettors new to the scene who want to get the gist of the game format and the type of betting props typically offered.

With the likelihood of the NBA not returning for at least the next three months, these games could provide a decent outlet for gamers, bettors and basketball fans trying to pass the time while we’re stuck in our homes for the foreseeable future.