pubg mobile world invitational

Regans Gaming Favored to Win PUBG Mobile World Invitational

The 2022 edition of the PUBG Mobile World Invitational features the top teams from around the world. The first invitational event of the year will feature as many as 18 teams from across geographies - China, India, South East Asia, Korea, Japan, Russia, Europe, Africa, the Americas, and the Middle East. The event, scheduled to take place from August 11, will be played in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

This is a $3 million tournament hosted by Tencent. The event will feature competitions across six days, divided into two groups of three days. This includes a Main event and an Afterparty showdown. The competition will be held offline, with live crowds adding to the colour. This marks the first PUBG world event that will allow crowds since the pandemic hit in March 2020.

All 18 teams will be playing in the first week against each other on three different maps. Each day, teams will play six matches. The top five will be invited to compete in the second week, along with other invited teams selected through regional voting for the Afterparty showdown. All of the games will be streamed on PUBG’s YouTube channel as well as Twitch.

Let’s look at the odds and the teams that stand the best chance to take the title. According to the odds on, Regans Gaming are the favorites with odds of +450 followed by Nigma Galaxy with odds at +600, Stalwart Esports (+700) and Damwon Gaming (+750).

Odds to Win the PUBG Mobile World Invitational
Regans Gaming+450
Nigma Galaxy+600
Stalwart Esports+700
Damwon Gaming+750
Team SouL+800

Odds as of August 9th

Favorites To Win The PUBG Mobile World Invitational

Regans Gaming (+450)

The Chinese region has been synonymous with success at global PUBG events in recent times. Going purely by this, Regans Gaming should have a decent shout at winning. If you scratch beneath the surface, you’d see why they’ve got the top billing. They won the Peacekeeper Elite League Spring 2022 to become the first team to officially secure qualification for this event.

They have one of the most prolific players in FlowerC, as formidable a force as they come on the battlefield. He is known for some insane clutches and terrific gameplay. Regans staved off competition from 14 other teams, and came through an exhaustive finals stage over four days, with a total of 20 rounds being played between the teams.

For a team that came through four intense stages, it was a victory well deserved. This makes them battle ready come Riyadh 2022.

Nigma Galaxy (+600)

Like Regans, Nigma Galaxy, the Indian entrants to the competition, are serial winners coming into the competition on the back of a dominant show at the PMPL MEA Championships, where they made an inspired run to the title. The roster looks transformed and has a mix of some experience since then merged with Team Nigma.

They have demonstrated their capabilities consistently at the top level. They accumulated 321 points at PMPL MEA, including 144 kills and 5 chicken dinners. They were the only team to score over 300 points in their 24 matches in the championship. They also won the PMPL Arabia 2022 Spring hands down. That their nearest competitors were 83 points behind tells you of their dominance.

After entering the Battlegrounds Mobile India scene, Nigma Galaxy initially struggled with their old line-up, with veterans like Smokie and MJ not performing to their full potential. In March, they released their roster and signed new talent. The results are on an upward trajectory. Players like Raouf, Lord and Freak deserve credit for their turnaround.

Dark Horses To Win The PUBG Mobile World Invitational


DAMWON have made significant progress in recent times, and are among the elite teams pushing for a top-five worldwide consistently. They were winners of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship League - East in 2021. Commanding play and aggressive style uninhibited by short-term results and slight dip in form makes them a dangerous team.

Team soul (+800)

Winners of the recent BMPS season 1 - they dominated from start to finish - souL will head into Riyadh high on confidence. Led by Omega, they have the capabilities to go all the way. In many ways, this is a young squad eager to prove themselves against the world’s best. Much of the squad was assembled in February this year.

Goblin and Hector, among their biggest signings, have already given their fans and audiences a glimpse of their precocious talent and killer instinct. Goblin bagged the MVP award at BMPS, clinching 71 kills alone in the grand finale. He was also the top eliminator at the BGMI Master series LAN even despite his team ending sixth. These two players give the squad much-needed heft as they look to challenge the top teams in Riyadh.