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Team BDS, Wolves Esports Top Rainbow 6 European League Odds

The Rainbow Six European League Stage 3 kicked off this week and it promises to be a highly competitive event. Having so many potential Sportsbooks is just what those who bet on Rainbow Six European League title odds will want to hear. There are at the very least five teams who stand a great chance of winning the Rainbow Six European League.

Team BDS (+350), Wolves Esports (+350), Heroic (+500), MNM Gaming (+700) and Rogue (+700) will all be quietly confident that they have a great chance of winning this tournament. There aren’t many other esports with so many strong teams with a chance at glory, which just ups the stakes a little further.

Before we look at the odds, be sure to refresh yourself on how to bet on Rainbow Six.

Rainbow Six European League Betting Odds
Team BDS+350
Wolves Esports+350
MNM Gaming+700
G2 Esports+800
Natus Vincere+1000

Odds as of September 16 at Sportsbook

Favorites To Win In The R6 European League Title

Team BDS (+350)

Team BDS has made a great start to their campaign by defeating Team Secret 7-4 in their first match, and this looks like a sign of things to come. They recently missed out on an international event for the first time since becoming a top-flight regular and will want to make amends for that soon.

RaFaLe had to suffer the consequences of that failure by being dropped, and it remains a bit up in the air if they’ll be able to recover from recent setbacks. However, they top the Rainbow Six European League title odds.

Wolves Esports (+350)

Wolves Esports also showed their pedigree early on by killing the excitement around Outsiders, who have now got the services of the famed Empire trio: Dan, Always and JoyStiCK.

That’s set a market that validates their position at the top of the Rainbow Six European League title odds along with Team BDS. Their excellent performances in Stage 2 should continue here despite their loss to XSET at the Berlin Major.

Value Picks To Win In The R6 European League Outrights

Heroic (+500)

They’ve been rising slowly, winning all but one of their matches in Stage 1 and creating a league record for points. All of that goodwill came to a halt with the Stage 2 debacle, and they will need to find that form again. At their best, they are still capable of the “heroics” from Stage 1 and provide excellent Rainbow Six European League outright odds.

MNM Gaming (+700)

It’s probably still too big an ask to expect MNM Gaming to challenge some of the big boys in these leagues, but they certainly have the talent on their roster to get the better of anyone. Stage 3 might just be the perfect platform for the side to show off their potential. They struggled in Berlin, but the major would’ve been a great learning experience.

Rogue (+700)

To think that the odds of the Berlin Major Sportsbooks is so low is quite astounding, but these are ridiculously good Rainbow Six European League title odds. They have the perfect mix of youth and experience and have got silverware in recent weeks to validate their credentials.

They have not got off to a great start, however, losing out to Natus Vincere on the Sportsbook day of Stage 3. They’ll need to quickly brush that off and make sure that the hangover of winning the Berlin Major isn’t still around.

Betting Strategy For Sportsbooks Of The Rainbow Six European League

That the likes of Natus Vincere and G2 Esports haven’t even got a mention is to the Rainbow Six European League’s credit. It is highly competitive and that’s just how fans would want it to be. It’s hard to look past the Rainbow Six European League title odds on offer for Rogue and not be tempted to bet on them, but this is a new tournament with new stories ready to be told.

Wolves Esports are an excellent pick as well. They’ve been in good form recently and are so high up the Rainbow Six European League title odds for a reason. They were one of the best sides in Stage 2 and there’s no reason to believe that it won’t continue onto Stage 3.

It wouldn’t be the best idea to gamble on someone like MNM Gaming yet, whereas Heroic don’t really have the form to convince bettors that they’re the team who is going to win the Rainbow Six European League.

That finally leaves us with Team BDS, who seem like they’re already in recovery mode. Any one of Team BDS, Wolves Esports and Rogue would be good picks but we’d suggest Rogue because of the value on offer.

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